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May Miles and Strength Training Week 8

By Lifeasarunningmom @RunningMom6
I realized today when running that I wrote my May training report but I didn't get into the stats. So before looking back just one week, let's look back 17 days!
Once again, I ran 175 miles in May. This brings me to 734 miles for 2013 and 2,202 streak miles. May 31st marked day 519 of my running streak. My average miles per week for May was 39.5 miles and for 2013, 34 miles. I am still falling a bit short to achieve my goal of 2,013 miles in 2013 but there is still time. I am not overly concerned yet. But I do need to strive to keep that weekly average growing while training and running smart.
Now how did my 8th week of strength training (and my 11th week of marathon training) go?
Let's take a look!
May Miles and Strength Training Week 8
For the most part, the week went well. I was completely on track to achieve my running goals. I knew I didn't want to run long on Father's Day so I had every intention to run 20 miles on Saturday. My plan was 10 miles at home then 10 miles at the gym mainly to avoid running a slow 20 miles on the incline treadmill at home and to have some long run running time without doing dual childcare. The bonus: darling daughter loves the Kids' Club!
I juggled the week's runs around a bit to achieve this goal and I was set and ready to go. But then Friday night darling daughter's eyes looked a bit pink. I had the thought of pink eye in the back of my mind but also knew she was at the beach for a school field trip and it could be that too. Saturday morning I awoke to her breathing a bit heavier and then she awoke with eyes crusted shut. My plans changed. 20 miles no longer mattered. She did.
Instead of getting up early I cuddled her and helped her open her eyes. I made her a nice breakfast and we headed out to get the essential groceries, comfort food (aka popsicles and ingredients for potato soup) and movies for a sick little girl, and got her to the doctor when they opened. Gotta love having the doctor available on Saturdays! We got the eye drops (yes, double pink eye...a mom always seems to know), got her home and situated with movie #1, and I started running. After about 1.5 hours, I took a brief break to make her lunch, ate a graham cracker with peanut butter and a few chocolate chips for long run fuel, and switched the movie. Then back to treadmilll for me.
May Miles and Strength Training Week 8We played the washcloth game that was invented during my 20 mile incline treadmilll run at the end of last year, ironically created when she got sick as well. Even though I had every intention to still do 20 miles, at 15 miles I knew my goal was achieved. I didn't NEED the 20 miles this time like I did last time. I had run through my lunchtime and really needed more fuel. Darling daughter was being great but I could see she would appreciate more Mommy time. I am still far enough out in my training cycle and have plenty of time for an adequate number of 20 mile runs before marathon #1. My priorities changed. 15 miles was perfect. Yes, I would fall short on miles this week as I still didn't want to run long on Father's Day but it would be fine. I had just run close to 3 hours in place. I didn't let excuses stop me and that is great mental training!
Daily Gratitude: I am thankful for weekend hours at our doctor office and that darling daughter is so much better already.
Daily Affirmation: I am commmitted to my training and am able to balance my life as a mom with my dreams as a runner.

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