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Married 10 Years Today!

By Joysautismblog @joysautismblog

My parents were married 14 years before they divorced. As a child that seemed like such a long time to me. Now it seems like a drop in the bucket. I look forward to many more years of marriage with the love of my life.

He’s so amazing. He sees the value in me being home with our children and supports our family with lots of hard work to make sure I get to continue to do that. It was a dream of mine to be home with the children. I wasn’t able to start being home with them until our 3rd child was born and thanks to Glen I am doing my dream job.

He’s funny. We have some good laughs and have a similar sense of humor. I so enjoy our late night talks and just hanging out with him.

I had a hard emotional week last week. I saw a little boy riding a skateboard who was about Adrian’s age. Playing with his friends and riding his skateboard. He understands what I’m going through and he supports me.

Through several job changes, four children, a big move to another state, an autism diagnosis, and lots of other big changes, good and bad, he’s my rock and my love forever.

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