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Managing Stress

By Lifeasarunningmom @RunningMom6
Managing StressYou would think with a running streak of 882 and a yoga streak of 152 I would be feeling care free and as happy as a lark. Both of these activities help me find my peace and allow me to sort through the little nuances of the world and focus on what is really important. And yes, getting nice and sweaty just feels good!
But still this past week I have felt so on the verge of exploding at any given moment. I have been stressed. I was getting enough sleep, eating well, and in fact cutting back on some mileage. All in all, I should have been feeling lighter but nope. Yes, I could blame those pesky hormones and perimenopause. They say this phase in life can cause emotional downs and anxiety but I feel that excuse couldn't truly be the reason. There was more to it.
And then the proverbial light bulb went off. My life is a wee bit crazy right now. There is so much going on out the normal routine and even though I realize that is good, I am a creature of habit. Hey, I run and do yoga every day. I have a routine. It works. I stick to it. But even that excuse can't really hold up. There is more.

Managing Stress

I will miss her teacher. She is a gem!

Darling daughter is attending her last day of kindergarten today. Even typing that makes my chest feel fuller and my eyes well up with tears. Happy tears. Sad tears? My little baby is growing up tears. Oh my goodness where is time going tears.
And yes, I am juggling work schedules with dear hubby, have her enrolled in camp other days, will be working longer days, will need to go to the gym before work, and wonder how on Earth I will manage summer break. The downside is no routine family days anymore and trying to squeeze in my long runs. Thank goodness we have a family vacation in the works but still, my orderly life is swiftly changing to a whole new order that will last until that day my little baby steps out of the car to attend her first day of First Grade. Oh my goodness!
So yes, I am an emotional basket case crying at commercials, when reading books to darling, and when any other life changing moment occurs. I am stressed and trying not to explode and this is the most important time for me to remember what helps me manage stress.
Managing Stress Tips:
    Managing Stress
  1. Get up and move. Run. I may feel like the world is crashing down and I want to hide under the covers. This is the most important time to run. I need to sweat it out.
  2. Get up and move. (yes, I am saying this twice) Practice Yoga. Stretch it out. Meditate. Come into your own mind and body. Focus on your breathing. Breath. Relax. 
  3. Eat Well. Yes, I am a woman who gets wild and crazy cravings when I am stressed. I used to turn to a chocolate muffin and a diet coke. My co-workers knew my go-to but now, I don't drink diet coke. I don't want a huge chocolate muffin. Eating one will make me feel miserable. If you like them, go ahead but for me, it doesn't cut it. When I am stressed it is the most important time for me to drink more water, drink a nice cold green tea, splurge and buy myself a coconut water. Do you see a trend here? I go to hydration first as it helps cleanse me. And if I really want a wee bit more, I discovered a wonderful coconut milk "ice cream" mini bar that can do the trick once in a blue moon. Hey, I totally indulge at times.
  4. Get enough sleep. Really, go to bed early. Things often feel better in the morning when you wake up refreshed.
  5. Take a bath. Add in some Epsom salt or bubble bath or essential oils. Whatever you like! Just soak and let the tension drift away.
  6. Talk. Call your Mom. Your sister. A good friend. Chatting with others is another way to get things off your mind even if you don't state what is bugging you. Connections with others or so very healing!
How do you unwind?Daily Gratitude: I am thankful for the microwave in our office.Daily Affirmation: I can adjust to changing schedules. I can. Really, I can.

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