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Mama Needs a New Pair of Shoes

By Arredmon @mamachallenge
Unlike most women, I don’t like shoes. (Pause for gasping.)

We’ll let me paraphrase…I don’t like to wear shoes.

I actually like to look at shoes and even take them out for a walk from time to time, but I’d just rather be barefooted all the time. Unfortunately, the only thing bad about an upcoming trip to Italy is that I have to get a few pair of shoes that are supremely comfortable to wear for several miles of exploring, but have a smidge of style since I only have room enough for two pairs of shoes for two weeks! What I found is that shoes can be a lot more than just footwear. They can have their own personality and even improve your health.
The Predictable: Black Crocs Capri IV Sandal, ($39)

Mama Needs a New Pair of Shoes I’m a big Crocs lover, not of their most familiar shoe design, but their sandal line. I’ve had four years to research all the pros and cons of these shoes. They’re versatile, far-beyond comfortable with Crocs technology, minimal design, and reasonably priced at approximately $40. The double-cushioned footbed feels amazing, the little “massage pods” feel nice all day long. I can tell you from experience the only downfall is that if you leave a pair in the sun for several hours, they will shrink, so I pay attention to the warning they give you! However, a few avid travelers told me that Crocs were not the way to do Italy and I needed something more “sturdy.”
However, from looking at some blogs, it seems you either think Crocs are the best or the worst option for traveling. I won’t know which of these camps I’ll be in, but I’ll let you know in August upon my return as I don’t go anywhere without my Crocs – at least not yet.
The Trendy: Tom’s Wedge, ($69) 
Mama Needs a New Pair of Shoes
A recent birthday party with some moms all discussed their love or hate of Toms. Some of the ladies owned like ten pairs and my side still didn’t get it. I really want to like Tom’s…really. I looked at buying several pairs of them, although I think they are the cutest ugly shoe I’ve seen in a while. But after I yearned for a cute comfortable shoe that I could go to a party or the grocery store and not feel like I looked like “that” mom, I finally broke down and bought the Tom’s Wedge. I considered this style to be an upgrade from the original style and would be so stylish. Once they arrived on the doorstep, I put them on immediately and was pretty depressed. Not so comfortable and actually kind of tight, but thought I needed to break them in. While I got complimented EVERYWHERE I went, my feet hated me even more than they did all swollen at 9 months preggo…I still have hopes, but they just feel like a nice boyfriend that you just couldn’t get yourself to like no matter what.
The Wise One: Dr. Andrew Weil Spirit Sandal, ($90)
Mama Needs a New Pair of Shoes In the middle of my research on comfortable shoes, I ran into Dr. Andrew Weil…or at least his line of MOVE-ment sandals. Developed to not only make your feet look good, his podiatrist-designed, biomechanical Tri-planar Motion Control footbed has a deep heel cup that stabilizes, supports and naturally realigns the feet. And since this renowned doctor has focused his line on the mantra walking for life, I knew these shoes had to be comfortable and really great for my feet -- if anything my feet (and my posture) would better than it was before. So to be a little “out-of-the-norm,” I opted for a snake-skin look and put these puppies to work.
I definitely felt the difference. Immediately the way I stood changed in the sandals. The style was cute and certainly above my everyday sandal. Now while the sole was flexible and soft, I have yet to actually put this sandal and the straps to a real “wear-it-all-day” test on my toes. However, I think this shoe might make it a place in my suitcase…maybe not as my long haul option, but as my dressier number for dinners and a change of shoe. I am actually looking into the Restore Sandal for #1 spot, but at $90 I’ll have to save up a little.
The Wild Card: Marchez Vous Claudette ($395)
Mama Needs a New Pair of Shoes In my search to “Google” comfortable shoes, I have run across several probably comfortable but very ugly shoes. But that was not the case with Marchez Vous. French for the words “You Walk,” this Italian-made shoe line is designed not only with comfort in mind, but definitely with style and fine craftsmanship. Created by veteran actress-turned footwear entrepreneur Yeardley Smith (probably most-well known voice of Lisa Simpson), this new line of shoe have a personality all their own. Now while I won’t be galloping in these shoes in Italy, I might have to make some space in my case to at least take these babies out to at least frolic.
Not only were these tall platforms rather comfortable for a pair of 4 1/2-inch shoes, but they made me feel like a whole different woman. And apparently that’s exactly what self-professed shoe-aholic Smith wanted when you slip her shoes on. So much so that each shoe has a card inside the box that has a special name and personality for each shoe.
When I opened my box and unraveled the pretty autographed-inspired paper to find:
Mama Needs a New Pair of Shoes
Once I buckled them across my ankle, I felt like a supermodel with those killer-to-die-for shoes you repin on Pinterest (and I was just walking from my bedroom to the kitchen!) While I may have to find the right dress to match these hot-mama shoes, it'll be worth it if I get the same head-turning looks I felt like they deserve. Time to take Claudette for a test drive (or at least another strut around the house!)
Do you have any suggestions for a fabulous shoe that is as comfortable as it is hot? Please let me know and soon since I leave for Italy in just a month!
Disclaimer: I was provided a pair of shoes from Dr. Weil and Marchez Vous for purposes of this review. However, all the opinions expressed here are all my own.

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