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Making Sick Time a Little More 'Hoppy'

By Arredmon @mamachallenge
Wow Mom Wednesdays:
I received one of those dreaded calls today every parent hates to hear: "Your kid is sick. Come pick him up."

And when I finally cut through traffic and bolted to his school, I found my little boy pail, sad and pretty dang pathetic (which I witnessed the level of his patheticness each time he hurled into the garbage...which was a score as a mother within itself rather than to land all over me...but I digress.)

He didn't want food, toys or cartoons, so I knew it was the real deal. So had to do something to make him happy or at least break a smile as I nursed him back to health.

Thankfully, for Angry Birds bandages (which I picked up at Wal-mart this week on a whim) and a softy and fuzzy frog ice pack I was given from Mommy's Kisses, I was able to "doctor" him up while his tummy sorted itself out. While it is sad to watch your kiddo be sick (I have LOTS of experience with this), it's the little things like my mom used to do (serving me a grilled cheese with Ramen noodles and a Sprite in bed) that make it bearable - for both of you.  

Making Sick Time a Little More 'Hoppy'
Do you do something special for your kids while they are sick to make them feel a little better?

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