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Make Way for This New Powerhouse Protein Powder: Pea Protein

Posted on the 24 January 2017 by Badgereverglade

Protein powders have been part of the health and weight loss scene for quite some time, but the ones that are commonly seen are the likes of soy, whey and egg protein powders. However, soy has been cast in a negative light recently, due to the discovery that it contains a high volume of phytoestrogens. But there is a new “trendy” protein powder that is attracting a fair bit of attention, and that is the gluten and dairy-free pea protein. The news hasn’t made it to everyone yet, but it looks like it will prove very popular amongst the health-conscious and frequent gym goers. In one 310 shake review, a user states that the inclusion of pea protein powder is what sets the new 310 Shake apart from others.

This article explores why pea protein powder is quickly becoming a favorite amongst dieters and bodybuilders alike, and the benefits you can receive from consuming pea protein powder.

New Powerhouse Protein Powder

1. Pea protein powder keeps you full

The hunger hormone, ghrelin, is secreted by an empty stomach and tells your brain that you are hungry. Pea protein powder lowers the level of this hormone. Also, many people who are dieting often neglect eating protein. Therefore, consuming pea protein powder will increase your protein intake and keep you feeling full for longer, making it an all-around great aid for weight loss.

2. Pea protein powder is gluten-free and dairy-free

Pea protein powder is completely free of all animal products, lactose and gluten. Other protein powders, such as whey, often say they are lactose-free but can contain traces. This means that pea protein powder is appropriate for vegans, the lactose intolerant and those with Celiac disease. Why not read a 310 shake review from one a user who is benefitting from these features?

3. Pea protein powder helps your heart and kidneys

Canadian scientists discovered that pea protein lowers blood pressure and there was a study in the American-Journal of Epidemiology which stated that consuming plant-based proteins helped reduce the risk of coronary heart disease. Although, this was not specific to pea protein.

However, those same Canadian scientists also said that consuming pea protein can help to delay or prevent chronic kidney disease too. Ironically, the same study discovered that peas themselves do not produce any such benefits, but it is just the protein that is so beneficial!

4. Pea protein powder regulates blood sugar

While consuming pea protein powder doesn’t itself affect food intake or appetite, it can be used to help glycemic control. This makes sense, as there is only 2g of carbohydrates in each scoop of pea powder protein. This is perfect for those who are on a low-carb diet.

5. Pea protein powder increases muscle thickness

Of course, pea powder protein is not just about weight loss; otherwise, our gym-goers who are looking to bulk up would not be interested. The rumor was always that plant-based proteins were not as good at promoting muscle growth as dairy-based proteins. However, a study in the Journal of the International-Society of Sports Nutrition stated that this was simply not true!

The reason for this muscle growth is because of the high quantity of l-arginine found in pea protein, and this amino acid allows you to build muscle.

6. Pea protein powder is hypoallergenic

Several people who take protein supplements and shakes often end up complaining of bloating and gas. It turns out they have developed an allergy or intolerance of the protein powder. This is a common occurrence amongst those drinking whey or soy protein on a regular basis.

Pea protein powder, on the other hand, is free from allergens. This means it is a great product to drink on a regular basis.


Pea protein powder clearly has a lot of benefits over animal-based protein powders, and even over some of the other plant-based protein powders. It also works well with other plant-based proteins, including brown rice protein and hemp protein, as shown in this 310 shake review. We suggest you try it as part of your healthy weight loss program.

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