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How Can I Get Phentermine Without a Prescription?

Posted on the 26 January 2017 by Badgereverglade

When you’re trying to lose weight, every little bit helps.  Sometimes it can something simple like a diet tip from a friend or you may find help in the form of a weight loss medication.  One of the most common prescriptions for those who want to lose weight is phentermine.  If losing weight is one of your goals, you’re probably wondering, how can I get phentermine without a prescription?

Getting Phentermine to Lose Weight

How Can I Get Phentermine without a prescription

The process of getting your doctor to prescribe phentermine can seem overwhelming.  You may not be sure how to ask your doctor for the medication or you may simply be embarrassed.  Don’t be!  This article will discuss some of the common ways to get phentermine.

  • Talk to Your Doctor – it is common to find out about phentermine while reading about weight loss online.  Many sites claim that you can buy it directly from online stores, but this is not the case.  You must talk to your doctor before buying phentermine.
  • Ask a Weight Loss Specialist – your family doctor or general practitioner may not be able to write a prescription for you.  You may have to consult with a nutritionist or other specialist.  It all depends on the regulations in your home state.  So if your doctor can’t prescribe it, don’t give up!  Find a nutritional or weight loss specialist who you can be referred to.
  • Find Help Online – if you can’t find a specialist, find an online forum or group familiar with phentermine.  Online users can help you find doctors close to you who you may not be aware of. You can learn more about their experiences and also ask questions about getting phentermine.  Online users may also know ways to find phentermine without a prescription, so that might be a good option for you.
  • Attend a Weight Loss Boot Camp – if you’re tired of asking the question, “how can I get phentermine from my doctor?” and not finding the answer, a weight loss camp or program may be the right choice for you.  These weight loss programs help patients who are overweight and who are struggling to lose weight.  You may also be able to find help through a clinic that specializes in weight loss.  The point is, you have options, even when all else fails.
  • Purchase from an Online Retailer – it can be very difficult to find phentermine without a prescription from a reputable online store or merchant.  Because of new regulations, a prescription is required to purchase the product, however, you may still be able to find an alternative version.  When buying a phentermine alternative, be sure to do your research.  Many people make claims that these pills are just as effective, but the truth is, they aren’t.  There are some good ones though, so research and educate yourself about the alternatives available.  Be sure to buy from a reputable company too.  Good stores will always have a return policy so you should be able to get your money back if the product doesn’t work for you.

We hope this article has answered the question of “how can I get phentermine without a prescription?”  If you’re having trouble finding a good or reputable source for phentermine, it is important that you try other options.  You shouldn’t give up on your weight loss goals because you can’t get a prescription either.  There are alternatives.  Do your research and educate yourself on all the options when it comes to phentermine.

You can reach your weight loss goals with a little help from your doctor and phentermine.  It can help you in your journey and give you hope where other products may have failed you.

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