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Make Up in Film: Tron Legacy

By Kittyfairy @KittyFairy
You might remember some time ago, I started a blog series looking at Make Up in Film, in which I looked at the various types of make up used in the film: Sucker Punch. The whole idea behind the series was to combine my love for both make up and cinema (pretty obvious really!), and I thought that it was about time that I got this series back on track with a little look at another film that I've been loving recently, and that is of course Tron: Legacy.
Make Up in Film: Tron Legacy
The real challenge that I can imagine for the make up artists on this Tron film, was to create looks that were futuristic, and yet still had a very eighties feel to them (you have to remember that the "world" in which the Tron universe was created, was in the 1980s!).
Most people will agree that the eighties were very much all about the eyes, with strong colours and copious amounts of eyeliner. Nevertheless, in a world that doesn't really have a lot of color other than black, blue and greys, I'm not really surprised that the make up in this film didn't mimic the use of color. Instead, the focus is predominantly on the eyeliner, as you can see in this picture of leading lady Quorra, played by the absolutely stunning Olivia Wilde (can you believe she's the same girl who played Alex in 'The OC'??)

Make Up in Film: Tron Legacy

All about the Eyes!

As you can see, the main focus (other than her blunt hairstyle, which is definitely more futuristic that eighties) is her eyes, which are one of Wilde's strongest facial features anyway. The rest of her look is very subtle, and you can't really tell that she's wearing it anywhere else.
Another stunning look in Tron comes in the form of Gem, played by Beau Garret:

Make Up in Film: Tron Legacy

Check out those peepers!

Yet again, this look is all about the eyes, but Gem's are much more intense, with a focus not only on the eyeliner, but also those huge eyelashes and what I'm assuming are contact lenses that make her pupils really stand out.
Gem's look is more "seductive" than that of Quorra (who I consider to be a more innocent or perhaps even naive character), which fits in with her role as a "Siren", and then even more so a role of the character much later on (which I won't say any more about, in case anyone doesn't want to know!)
Unlike Quorra, I find Gem's look to be much more superficial, whilst Quorra's is a little more natural, if that makes sense. And it probably does to anyone who has seen the film.
There aren't really any other female characters to look at in this film, but I think that the comparison between these two is enough to get us thinking.
Which look do you prefer? Quorra's subtle but dramatic look, or Gem's intense but superficial look? 

What other films have great make up?

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