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Make Up in Film: Sucker Punch

By Kittyfairy @KittyFairy
I've changed a lot since I started writing this blog, for example, I've grown my nails for the first time in my entire life, and I appear to have stopped biting them pretty much all of the time, except when I am really nervous. But, one way I've changed, is the way that I watch films and TV programmes.
I know, that probably sounds crazy but what I mean is that whenever I watch something, I always find myself noticing actresses' make up. It's become an obsession, like how so many of became obsessed with how awful Kate Middleton's eyeliner is (go on, give it a smudge ;P). So, I've decided to start up a feature to kind of represent my appreciation of make up in film, starting with.....
Make Up in Film: Sucker Punch
Sucker Punch is a very stylish film, so it's not really a huge surprise that the ladies have some absolutely fantastic eye makeup.

Make Up in Film: Sucker Punch


Everything about Babydoll from the name, to the hair, to her entire look is incredibly superficial, and her make up (especially her false lashes) really show that. She has a very strong look that centres primarily around those lashes.
Babydoll's eye make up just screams out anime character, with the lashes, heavy upper eyeliner and the use of white on the lower lid make her eyes really stand out, in the same way that anime girls do.

Make Up in Film: Sucker Punch

Sweet Pea

By comparison, Sweet Pea has a much more subtle look that (to me) represents a character that is sensible and more the idea of a "classic" beauty. The eye make up is so simple but effective.
Out of all of the characters in Sucker Punch, Sweet Pea's look is the most "normal", because it isn't over-the-top.

Make Up in Film: Sucker Punch


Rocket's eye make up is a bit of the middle ground between the OTT of Babydoll's look, with the heavy eyeliner, as well as the use of white on the lower lid to make her eyes look bigger and anime-style. But, on the other hand, without the thick lashes, Rocket's look is much more simple and gives her a very "cute" air to her character.

Make Up in Film: Sucker Punch


For me, the use of eye makeup on Blue is probably the most interesting. I've always been aware that all performers (male and female alike) wear stage make up, for a variety of reasons, but it's never quite as obvious as with Blue's. I find it weird, because that darkness makes him look so sinister and creepy, which is very effective.
I'm hoping to make this a long-term feature, so which characters do you think have awesome make up?

Coming Up: Tron and Black Swan.

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