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Maintaining Healthy Skin With Argan Oil

By Vicknesh @wellhealthblog
Perhaps our most prized possession when it comes to our outward appearance is our skin. We worry about the wrinkles on our face, the smoothness of our hands, and throughout the dry months use bottle after bottle of moisturizer in hopes of maintaining radiance and shine. And it feels like every year there's a new product, or "miracle cure" for wrinkles hitting the shelves sending people of all ages scrambling to experience the effects for themselves. The good news? The so-called miracle substance for revitalizing your skin has been on the shelves for years now, and it's called argan oil.Also known as Moroccan oil, this wonderful product has a myriad of uses - from its dramatic effect as a beauty product to its more practical uses for food and fuel, argan oil is well sought-after and rare - it's derived from argan fruit that falls from argan trees in a specific area of Morocco. In fact, the process of extracting oil from the nuts found within argan fruit is so complex that even modern technology remains unable to best the traditional methods for getting to the substance.Argan OilHow Does Argan Oil Benefit My Skin? 
Good question. Argan oil is rich in vitamins and minerals - specifically vitamin E, antioxidants, and other essential fatty oils. This makes it the perfect choice for treating common skin ailments like acne, eczema, wrinkles, and psoriasis. Because of its anti-aging properties and its effectiveness in restoring that youthful glow to problem areas of your skin, this oil has quickly become one of the fastest growing commodities in the health and beauty world today.
When you visit your local health and beauty supplier, you'll notice that many products contain this oil. It's important to point out, though, that the best way to experience the full effect of this miracle substance is to purchase products that are 100% argan oil. This not only ensures that you're receiving the most dramatic improvement to your skin available, but also that you're supporting the culture of Moroccan women (also known as "berbers") that have worked so hard for generations to extract the substance for your benefit.How to Apply Argan Oil
this oil is easily absorbed into the skin, thus requiring minimal application for those interested in its revitalization properties. While you may focus on particularly problematic areas, you may also opt to apply oil to your entire face so that you get the most out of your purchase. Initially you may choose to apply oil in lieu of other products you've used in the past, however as you gain more experience with the substance you may find that mixing it with other products you own is the best way to extend the life of your oil. Some products commonly used with argan oil include moisturizer, rejuvenation cream, lime juice, rose oil, almond oil, and other favorites.
Additional Tips 
• Feel free to apply argan oil in its base or diluted form two to three times a day for optimal effects. You may elect to apply oil to your skin in the morning, afternoon, or at night before going to bed. This will help reduce wrinkles, acne, or other skin-related issues you may have, instilling a youthful glow to troubled areas.
• After applying this oil to your face, use any excess amount to rub gently into your hands, legs, feet, or neck. You can also use this oil as a base to apply makeup, as there is no greasy residue to get in the way.• If you're using this oil to help moisturize your body, the best time to do so is directly after showering. This ensures that you will have no dirt, grease, or residue negatively affecting the problem areas.• Another great use for oil is to apply it to tender areas immediately after shaving. Just be sure to remove any shaving creams or ointment before applying argan oil to your skin, and be sure to use a generous amount depending on the area of your body to which it's being applied.• You can also apply argan oil to stretch marks in your skin caused by pregnancy or other issues. This can be done preventatively, or after damage has been done. To help reduce stretch marks as a result of pregnancy, use a generous amount of oil on your belly multiple times a day.
Argan Oil for Skin Care If you're concerned about wrinkles, age spots, stretch marks, acne, psoriasis, eczema, or any other issue affecting the quality of your skin, this oil is a great option for restoring that youthful gleam you've been missing. The benefits of argan oil are numerous and well-documented. See for yourself by purchasing some today!By 

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