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Mail Troubles

By Makemeupmandy @mandywebb28
Mail Troubles
I have lots to whinge about this week!
When we went on our holiday, I applied for Mail Holding as we get quite a fair amount of mail/parcels regularly.
The post office will deliver all the mail/parcels held during your holiday, one working day from when you arrive home.
Husband and I both waited excitedly for our mail to arrive and what do you know, only 2 pieces of mail?
That is really strange. 2 pieces of mail for the entire 17 days we were away? I mean, not even some bills etc?
As we got busy with settling back into our routines, we just let it be. Our mail was supposed to resume but ever since we have been back for the last 18 days, we have only been receiving very intermittent few pieces of mail here and there. There are many days in between where we receive nothing at all. Very unusual once again.
The last straw came when Husband was asked at work if he had received a form to submit to receive a company Christmas hamper. Nope, we have not received much in our mail at all.
I finally decided to ring customer service.
Customer Service Lady rings my local post and says “Oh yes, they have some of your mail. It will take about 2 – 3 days to be delivered.”
I ask if I can just drive there right away to collect since it’s just down the road. She said ok. I even confirmed “So do they have a lot of our mail or just a few? But you’re definitely sure they do have some?”
No apologies for the inconvenience, no nothing but that was fine - I was just happy to get our mail.
Christmas queue meant I had to wait in line for about 30 minutes. FFS
Lady at post office went in search of my mysterious mail/parcels and said there was none. I explained the entire situation and said I only came down because Customer Service Lady said my mail was stuck here!
Lady at post office said yes, she did answer a call from Customer Service but she told the lady that they did NOT have any of my mail.
So annoyed.
And I even paid for this service. Or rather, paid money for all this trouble.
Worst thing is, Husband’s work said it’s too late for the hamper now. It has all been processed. Now this, I am really ANNOYED with because it's supposed to be a nice big hamper with wine and goodies and there really was no reason why we should miss out FFS!

Mail Troubles

Maybe we have finally learned that babies & phones don't mix...

 It was such a warm, stuffy arvo on Wednesday that Husband & I were half falling asleep while watching a movie on the laptop.
As usual, bub was harassing us so Husband chucked her his phone to play with.
As I was dozing off, I suddenly heard Husband yell out: “OH MY GOD!”
His expression was priceless. One of sheer, utter HORROR.
He showed me what bub had done.
She had sent a text to our elder, serious church friend.
It said “SCUM ng”.
In caps. No less.
Out of all words. SCUM ng. Good one, bubba.
And out of all people, she had to pick that friend. Come on.
How she achieved that feat, we shall never know.
But utterly horrified were what we were.
Certainly woke (shocked) us up from our spiral into slumber.
 To cap the week, I had another post office drama yesterday.
We were home all morning but Mr Postie didn’t bother to ring the bell but chose to leave us a sweet note of missed delivery instead.
I know for a fact this happens to many of my fellow bloggy friends! It is annoying!

Mail Troubles

Whoops, anyone here super protective of their postie? Found this pic on the internet. Just ranting about the situation hey nothing personal!

This wouldn’t have mattered much really if I was a young, happy, single lady with not much to do but stroll around town and spend time in the post office queue after doing some shopping and manicure and feeling all tipy-toe happy with the world.
But no, we all know, I am a grumpy grouchy annoyed busy housefly(wife) who had to drag 2 kids along (including the restless baby who announces her boredom via screaming). I had to find a parking spot. I had to luge the stroller out etc. We had to endure the crazy heat. We had to rush to meet meal times, doctor appointment etc.
We had to wait in line for almost 20 minutes, all the while trying to coax Bub and please her so she stops doing horrific acrobatic twists and turns of the body to attempt escape from the stroller...
Only to be greeted by a cold “Your parcel is not in yet.”
“What? The card says Collect any time after 9am and it’s past 2pm now?”
“Nothing I can do. Next!”
The post office is really pushing my buttons.
I am sick of making futile trips down, waiting in the queue, finding parking spots, dragging 2 kids down etc.
Besides, I am anal about manners. I would not be half as annoyed if I had received a “Sorry, your parcel is not in yet.”
Mate, if my parcel ain't gonna be there "anytime after 9am" then don't write that! Better yet, let's make things easier and try to ring the damn doorbell.
This is not the first or second or third time this has happened. For all my post office dramas, I have not received a single sympathetic "Sorry to put you through all these trouble".
Then again, I do understand the post office is really busy during the Christmas season.
Alright. I get it.
Maybe I am just grumpy.
How was your week?
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