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MAC Paint Pot – Painterly

By Beautifulbuns

Here’s yet another one of my shameless self-praise moments – I totally caught onto the double eyelid tape trend wayyyy before anyone else. Back in 1995, I had already started slicing up normal sticky tape to apply onto my eyelids – I’ve got uneven double eyelids as a result of a fall when I was young.

Of course, this was a clear fail, since sticky tape was glossy and totally reflected light, resulting in my friends exclaiming “what the hell is that on your eyes?!”

I then progressed on to the smarter choice – using the more expensive 3M Scotch tape which was matte – this went on relatively undetected for a couple of years. By then, I had already perfected the art of slicing the scotch tape up into the perfect gentle arc. 3M also started producing proper double eyelid tape, but this came in a full roll.

3M double eyelid tape
A roll like this could last me for about an entire year

After several rolls / years, pre-cut double eyelid tape became more widely available. Plus, with the proliferation of popular bloggers such as Xiaxue and Qiuqiu using it loudly and proudly, it became more socially acceptable to use this (and be seen using this).

However, I still prefer to pretend that I’ve got naturally lovely eyes – which is why I invested in a MAC Paint Pot.

MAC Paint Pot Painterly
MAC Paint Pot – Painterly, $35

MAC Paint Pot Painterly (1)

MAC Paint Pot Painterly (2)

MAC Paint Pot Painterly (3)

I say…

I don’t usually spend money on MAC products cos I think they’re rather pricey, but I forked out the money for this cos I think it’s quite a godsend to those who have to use double eyelid tape everyday (aka me).

  • It may look a tad darker than my skin tone here, but when I apply it onto my eyelids, it’s the perfect colour (I promise to take a photo soon!)
  • I only need one very light layer and it completely covers the double eyelid tape.
  • Even if you don’t use double eyelid tape, it works very well as an eyeshadow base.
  • It helps my eyeshadow stay on longer and flake less during application. Note to self: try it out with The Face Shop’s Face It Baked Eyeshadow
  • Creasing in between the lid lines is inevitable, but only happens after about 4-5 hours, which is acceptable.
  • It has a good consistency – moist and creamy enough so that application is smooth and doesn’t tug on the eyelid, and yet fast-setting without being too dry.
  • Plus, I love that it doesn’t cake or flake and bake into a concoction of yuck on your eyelids .
  • You can apply this using either a lip brush or concealer brush – those with silkier and smooth bristles like the one in this picture.  I did try using my finger tips before, but I think it disrupts the original consistency of the product.
  • It comes in a handy small pot but I’m guessing it’s glass cos it’s kinda heavy and clinks a bit. Exercise a bit more caution if you’re bringing this overseas cos it might crack or chip.
  • This blogger has a huge array of all the Paint Pots in different colours – I really hope MAC gave it to her, cos otherwise that’s a truckload of money she spent!

If you’ve been using glossy reflective double eyelid tape and are in need of some camouflage, or simply require a good eyeshadow base, you can consider getting this. Just remember to keep the lid tightly closed, or it might dry out.


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