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Loving My Family Nuttzo!

By Lifeasarunningmom @RunningMom6
Loving my Family Nuttzo!Happy Valentine's Day! I hope you are all having a loving, fun-filled day. And with love in the air, I figured this is a great day to talk about showing our body, and our family, love.
Yesterday afternoon dear hubby was home when darling daughter and I returned from school. He had purchased some tomato and jalapeno plants for our garden as a Valentine's Day gift. So I left them happily tending to the garden and hit some neighborhood hills around the corner that I have been dying, and dreading, to do. There is a hill there that I always thought would be perfect for hill repeats. I did five repeats in honor of Push It Wednesday and am happy since my goal was three to five. Then I made the final uphill climb home and returned huffing and puffing.
Darling daughter was concerned I pushed it too hard but dear hubby assured her that Mommy just did a good run. That's all. Those 1.88 miles were tough. Not the higher mileage I dream of right now but a good workout nonetheless. And I am happy because first, I got outside and ran and second, I hit the dreaded hills. I am ready to go back for more. And it is good for my heart. On that note, have you joined the Happy Heart Project at Darwinian Fail?
But exercise isn't enough to take care of your heart. Imagine a drain and water flowing down. Start putting garbage in that drain and envision what happens. You may end up with a backed up drain quicker than you think. Now imagine your arteries and veins - essentially the plumbing of our body. We can increase the "water flow through those drains" through exercise but if we are still clogging them with "garbage" the end result is not so pretty.
How I fuel my family's body is important to me. And I say me since I do the grocery shopping. Therefore, what I buy, they eat. Dear hubby would love potato chips every night. If they were in the house, he would eat them. He won't gain an ounce if he ate a bag a night. He has that kind of metabolism. But his plumbing, his arteries and veins, would be damaged by eating that way. I refuse to let that happen.

Loving my Family Nuttzo!

PB Muffin Nuttzo LOVE!

When I got the opportunity to review some Nuttzo I jumped at the opportunity. Have you heard about Nuttzo? A mother lovingly created Nuttzo to provide her nutrient deficient adopted children a great source of nutrition. It is low in sugar, all organic, and a 2 Tbl serving contains 50% of your daily Omega 3's. That third fact is important to me since I must confess, I am not the best at eating fish.
I loved the idea of sharing and consuming a nut butter that didn't have added sugars and oils and was more than impressed about the taste. Darling daughter is not a peanut butter lover and is still on the edge. Dear hubby has claimed to not like peanut butter but has been eating a bit here and there. But with the Nuttzo, he is eating it by the spoonful. I got him "dirty spoon" and all. I think he was afraid to admit it but I am glad I found out since it clearly demonstrates how yummy this is. The flavor rocks and I love the added crunch. It is a nice crunch, not like the standard chunky peanut butter crunch.
Loving my Family Nuttzo!
And my body felt good eating it. I loved it in the morning with oatmeal. I loved it at the end of the day on graham crackers. On some occasions, I even indulged and added a bit of dark chocolate. I loved it on my peanut butter muffins but must confess, I didn't make the muffins with it....yet. The recipe calls for 1/2 of a cup and well, I wanted to ensure I still had some of our almost empty bottle to share. The only downside is that Nuttzo is so good that we seem to fly through it! Keeping it in stock may be hard.
They have more than one flavor but I tried the blue label Omega 3 Seven Nut and Seed Butter. YUM! If you can't find it locally, you can buy some through Amazon for $15 or less if you buy more than one bottle. And I just discovered, there are some awesome recipes on the Nuttzo website. I will definitely be trying some of these out soon!
Please note: I received this product free to review through being a FitFluential ambassador. I was not paid to write this post. Opinions are solely my own.
Daily Gratitude: I am thankful for the creative thoughts of others that lead to delicious food for us!
Daily Affirmation: I have a loving heart.

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