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Love Letter

By Heathernichole
Dear Diamond,
First of all, you are stunning. Breathtaking. Gorgeous. I could go on and on using synonyms to describe how absolutely beautiful you are. It was definitely love at first sight. I know you are only a thing of material but you have changed my life forever.
You represent the love that my fiancé has for me. He worked hard and he made an investment in you.
Growing up, I dreamed of you. I also dreamed of him. I knew that one day he would come into my life and then a little farther down the road you would too. I never gave up hope.
I was a lover of love from the very beginning. I read stories and I watched fairytales. I played with Barbie and Ken. I imagined what my life would be like when I finally found my Prince Charming. Not even my imagination could come up with him. He is so much more wonderful than I ever thought he would be. 
You symbolize our future together. The promises we’ve made and will make. You will be a reminder of our commitment to one another until my dying day. You will be there through the good times and the bad. You will be on my finger when we purchase our first home. When we exchange our vows. For the births of our babies. Through the arguments. Through the fights. And yet through it all you will remain beautiful and pure, just like our love.
I look forward to the day when I can tell my children your story. Maybe one day you will be worn by our daughter or daughter-in-law.
I can guarantee that you will always be cherished and well taken care of. Just like he always takes care of me. 
Love always and forever,Heather  Love Letter 
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