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Listening to My Body

By Nadine
Back before I started practicing mindfulness and Yoga, my body would ache sometimes, and sometimes I would have injuries. And when I did, it would complain for a long period.
Now I find that I listen to my body better. I'm hearing the messages sooner. And the pain is passing quicker since I'm mindful of the injury.
The old mindset: I won't let this slow me down!
The new mindset: I will listen to and respect my body's needs.
Being mindful and carefully practicing won't insure I don't get injured, but it does lessen the likelihood. I do have a tendency to occassionally push myself too far and have to deal with the consequences. But I feel so much more prepared for the consequences these days.
I find a lot of times, it's just a little modification necessary to let an injury heal itself. Today my hamstring feels a tiny bit pulled. This wouldn't be completely unusual as I previously pulled my hamstrings and they are very flexible. Given that I noticed it after my 5 K walk this morning, I might have overdone it a little on one of the hills.
I will be cautious of how I walk and how I teach today to try to let it have a rest. And tomorrow I suspect it will be good as new. And if it's not I will listen to what it needs again.

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