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By Anytimeyoga @anytimeyoga

Does Waxing Get Rid of Crabs? by Anna at the Planned Parenthood Advocates of Arizona Blog — “First, in January, the claim surfaced that pubic lice (colloquially known as crabs) are being driven to extinction as their natural habitat is felled by razors and waxes. Then, just last month, a little-known STD called molluscum contagiosum got its 15 minutes when it was associated with the increased popularity of hairless pubic regions.”

I mean, I’ve made my pubic hair grooming choice, and I’m sticking with it. But as I’m also someone who scours the news for odd info and sexual health info, odd sexual health info is double my reading entertainment.

I am a teacher, and I am tired by An Anonymous Young Teacher at bgfay750 — ” Tired of being afraid to stand up for what I know is right for our kids and our country because I am afraid of losing my job and being unable to pay my bills.

Tired of my superiors being afraid to stand up for what they know is right for our kids and our country because they, too, are afraid of losing their livelihood.”

Pretty much. I mean, my kids make me tired too sometimes. But that is often the accomplished tired of, say, a good run — or the frustrating but stimulating tired of an asana that needs deconstructing or a lesson that needs reworking. That tired, I can do. That kind of tired renews.

It’s only when the source of my exhaustion is politicians — national, state, local, or site-specific — that it becomes draining, deadening. That tired does not get better.

Lingerie Nerd Time: What Happens When You Compare Bra Trends and Shapes Across Countries? at The Lingerie Lesbian — “I wrote this post because I wanted to explore the different shapes that I see as customary to countries with different lingerie traditions. Of course, these are not universal, as oftentimes designs travel globally, but given my lingerie immersion, I thought I would identify some trends.”

My interest in this post stems chiefly from the fact that I am planning on frittering away some tax return dollars on the scathing indulgence of boob support and so can now allow myself to think of bras again. Because my current ones, they are ragged and tired.

And a cup size or so too small. And that just isn’t helping anyone.

["Fat Girl" by Megan Falley. Video via YouTube.]

Just because it is awesome.

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