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Lincoln’s IEP

By Joysautismblog @joysautismblog

I went to Lincoln’s IEP this afternoon and it was comfortable and went well. I knew everyone there…between Adrian and Lincoln I know quite a few people so it was good. Normally they only fill out the little developmental forms once a year. This is what they filled out during his evaluation and Lincoln scored at a 14 month age level in February. Since Lincoln has made so much progress they decided to edit these evaluation forms and he came out scoring at a 26 month level. That is really amazing progress for about 4 months time. Lincoln is almost 3 years old so about 10 months delayed.

I am happy with his goals. He has a transition goal for moving around the classroom without assistance. This was one of Adrian’s first goals too. It’s good for them to be able to move from place to place in the classroom independently for the teacher and the students so that was good.

Another goal is that he will follow one step commands (example-Lincoln, hang your coat up) and eventually follow two step commands (example-Lincoln, hang your coat up and go sit down)

Then his third goal is a speech goal. It’s kind of a 3 step goal

  1. Lincoln will name objects/photos with 80% accuracy (example-teacher points to flower and Lincoln says “flower”)
  2. Lincoln will point to named objects/photos 80% accuracy (example- teacher asks “Lincoln where is the flower?” and Lincoln is able to point out the flower picture)
  3. Lincoln will make requests (first by using one word following an adult model, then by using one word on his own, then by using 2-3 word phrases following adult model, then by using 2-3 word phrases on his own)

These goals are attainable for Lincoln. If he zooms through them too quickly when he starts preschool in the fall then we will have to meet and establish some new goals. I am happy with how it went and I’m happy with his goals though so I’m feeling great!

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