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Lincoln’s First Year of Preschool

By Joysautismblog @joysautismblog

Lincoln only has a few days left of preschool and this is his first year of preschool. Lincoln has an IEP and is in a special needs preschool classroom but he hasn’t been formally diagnosed with anything yet although I suspect he’ll also be on the autism spectrum. 3 of my 4 kids on the spectrum, I think we can make a case for genetics in our family.

I got an update on how Lincoln’s doing on his IEP goals and he’s done really great this year. He’s made progress on everything.

I decided I’m keeping him home from summer school this year even though he qualifies. Firstly, he’s little, he’s only 3 years old and I want him home with me. They’re only little for so long. Secondly, he needs potty trained. I’ve taken a run at potty training with him a couple times but it turned out he wasn’t ready. When school is out this child is getting potty trained and it’s just easier to do it when he’s home with me the majority of the time. Lincoln did pee in the potty at school today though woohoo!!

I don’t worry about Lincoln the way I’ve worried about Adrian but we’ll see how he does with time. He reminds me a lot of Sanura and she’s doing really really well now so I guess no sense worrying about the future too much. We’re doing everything we can to move him along development wise.

Here is Lincoln at school, they were having a picnic:

Lincoln at school picnic

and here he is going down the slide at school:

Lincoln on slide

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