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  • Birthday Gift

    Birthday Gift

    My mother asked me what I wanted for my birthday because I never was the type to ask or look for anyone to give me gifts or anything of that nature. Read more

    The 13 May 2019 by   Latoya
  • My Birthday


    In my own true words: I’m a true friend to the end, I’m one who those can depend on, and I’m very strong and independent, I’m also too hard for anyone to get... Read more

    The 13 May 2019 by   Latoya
  • Into Enlightenment

    Into Enlightenment

    Too Deep Into It, Get A Life Perpetrator who harassed me: (sheremiahhenderson5611 [email protected]) Our gifts are for ourselves and nothing or no one ca... Read more

    The 14 May 2019 by   Latoya
  • Socially Inept Or Socially Unsatisfied ?

    Socially Inept Unsatisfied

    The world/government makes money off of the stupid people. Look at shows like Jerry Springer and Maury Povich.In this society the comfort of the intelligent is... Read more

    The 15 May 2019 by   Latoya
  • Keen Kids

    Keen Kids

    Kids have it hard too when they are underestimated and treated unfairly by adults. They go through things in life too and need to be heard and taken seriously a... Read more

    The 15 May 2019 by   Latoya
  • Advice for Future Corpses: Book Review

    Advice Future Corpses: Book Review

    Published 12 June 2018. Because I teach a university class on death, dying and bereavement, I read about a half dozen books on the topic annually. Read more

    The 15 May 2019 by   Thegenaboveme
  • Lessons from My First Year of Motherhood

    Lessons from First Year Motherhood

    Ever since Reya turned one in January, I had been meaning to share my thoughts and experiences of one year of motherhood. Since Mother’s day was just a few... Read more

    The 15 May 2019 by   Malavika
  • The Power Of Nature

    Power Nature

    Ever since I was a young child I knew that if there was something that I didn’t want within my life then the situation was not going to work out. Read more

    The 16 May 2019 by   Latoya
  • Full Moon Meditation on May 18: Grasmoot

    Full Moon Meditation Grasmoot

    Moon Goddess – a wonderful painting by Josephine WallThe full moon of May 18th, is called the Grass Moon here in the Netherlands. The Grass full Moon falls in... Read more

    The 16 May 2019 by   Angellightheart
  • Into the Rhythm

    Into Rhythm

    &Follow; my blog with Bloglovin;Self love is self awareness and self care. Self respect is self esteem and self value, and both these regards generate from a... Read more

    The 16 May 2019 by   Latoya


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