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A Daily Check in

By Shawnaschuh

Yes - ¥€$

Yes - ¥€$ (Photo credit: Alexandre Dulaunoy)

When we do a daily check in – to answer the question, “How am I doing on my goals?” it brings a clear focus on results. We either are doing what we stated we want, or we aren’t, or we are somewhere in the process.


And we are checking! YES!


Checking is good – the “How are you doing question” works because it means someone cares, there are people interested and you know that the answer is up to you.


Franklin D. Roosevelt one said, “The only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts of today.”


Putting your goals into daily steps, putting those steps in your calendar, getting your environment prepared for you to work in – allows you to let go of doubts.


“I can do this” – “I have everything I need to succeed” – and “it’s on my schedule to do” are powerful statements and clear away today’s doubts.


The last question to ask is, “Do you doubt this?” which if we are honest may be a yes – however the first time you actually do the getting up, the finishing of the task and the completion of what it was you stated, those doubts turn to dust. You get to say “Yes!” to the question and that feels good.


Sweep that doubt dust off your desk or out of your mind. It doesn’t serve you.


You will have a terrific tomorrow because you are doing the work today.




You create your day by the way you think! Make it magnificent!


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