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Life at the Ashram - Day 20 (aka Mega Mulch)

By Nadine
Amber - in case you're reading this, happy belated birthday. I thought of you yesterday morning and again throughout the day, but forgot while I blogged. Sending you blessings of peace, love and joy.
Yesterday afternoon I was on grounds. My mom would be so jealous of the mulch we had. We had cleared out around some trees and wanted to put some mulch down. So we went down to the beach/forest area and got an old rotting log and transported it up to the trees in the truck. Then we took a pickax to it. Now that's some fresh mulch. It was amazing!
Today is my last day of Karma Yoga. I was on accommodations all morning. I was given more than I could get done in the time I had (with the understanding I might not get it all done). And I let go of expectations and just did what I could.
More things I'll take home from here:
  • Some sort of sharing circle. The reflection is amazing but it's also great to share some of those reflections with others. I get different perspectives and I just know I'm not alone in my crazy thoughts. Maybe some sort of healing circle.
  • Karma Yoga - I'd like to volunteer in the community.
  • Dream interpretation, I'm loving it. I still only remember glimpses of my dreams but it's kind of neat once you start pulling them apart.

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