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Life at the Ashram - Day 18 (aka Where's the Broccoli)

By Nadine
Today for lunch the menu said broccoli salad (among other things including some scrumptious focaccia). Yay, I love broccoli. Then when I arrived at said salad there were a few sad broccoli florets in with a whole bunch of cauliflower and mushrooms. False advertising, I say.
Since I knew I'd be on the computers all day today for Karma Yoga, I went for a short walk along the creek this morning. I felt I needed the rejuvenation of nature before heading inside.
Three of the karma yogis leaving today are 3 long timers (ranging from 6 months to 1.5 years) that live in Nanaimo. While the Ashram is sad to have them go, I'm glad that I'll be able to connect with them when I get home.
More of the things that I'll be taking home from here:
  • Be quiet, move slowly. There are a few instances this isn't appropriate (like while I'm doing a workout). But in general, I'd like to be a little quieter (not always feel the need to share what's on my mind) and move from place to place more thoughtfully.
  • Give my full attention to a task and if someone interrupts me, give them my full attention. When I'm absorbed in a task and someone interrupts, I tend to continue with my task and split my attention. But I'd like to be more respectful to the person interrupting me.
  • Simple, tasty food. I admit, there's been a lot of food here I don't like. But what I've been so impressed with is how nearly everything is made here. I eat pretty healthy at home, but when I want salsa, I open a jar of salsa. Here almost everything is homemade: jam, yogurt, granola, crackers. I'd like to do more experimenting with my mom in the kitchen to see what we can make from scratch.

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