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Life at the Ashram - Day 17 (aka Reflection)

By Nadine
Earlier on in my time at the Ashram I mentioned that we have a reflection break in the middle of our Karma Yoga afternoon. I thought I'd share today's reflection so you'd have a better idea of what that's like.
Sometimes during reflection break I focus on more than one topic and sometimes just the one. Usually what I reflect on is triggered by the actual task. An example is: what is working with the rose thorns trying to teach me?
Today, however, my reflection was triggered by a conversation. I was on painting this afternoon and told A (who I'm working with) that I have a mathematical mind. This is true as I very much think in numbers, lines and lists. However, the implication in the conversation that we were having is that I'm not a creative person. Very shortly after saying that I thought, hmm, do I really believe that?
I know I'm a creative person. But I also know that I don't nurture that side of myself near enough. So during reflection break I spent some time thinking of how to bring creativity into my life a little more. In particular my mind went to dance, which I've always loved. For a short time I would occasionally do free dance. No choreography, no specific genre: just dance! I miss that and since I have the studio space at the house I can gladly bring that back to my life.
I hope you enjoyed the reflection. More things I'll be taking home from here:
  • Less gossipping. This is such an important one but also a hard one. I have some good friends that this is part of what we do together. But I will strive towards lessening this particular form of conversation.
  • Having a general routine. I think this will be important as my schedule will be much more variable now. I want to consciously choose how I'll spend my time.
  • Help out more around the house and yard to lessen mom's workload (or at least let her spend more of her time on the things she wants to do).

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