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Life at the Ashram - Day 14 (aka TGI Saturday)

By Nadine
I admit, I'm glad tomorrow is reflection day. For the reflection but also for the rest. Today I worked on accommodations for the morning which was a nice break. I was put in a lead position again (can't seem to avoid that), but it was a good morning. Back to Shakti and the computers in the afternoon, but it went pretty smoothly.
Swami Radha, who founded this Ashram, did a lot of work with Dream Yoga (dream interpretation). I've decided to try my hand at it. So, I'm recording what I can remember of my dreams and will start to look at what the symbolism means. She has a good point: you're asleep 8 hours (if you're me) a night. You don't think your subconscious might be sending you messages during that time?
She also says if you start recording your dreams, you'll start remembering more of them to record. Pretty cool!
I hope supper tonight is tasty. Last night was salmon cakes with basil mayo and it rocked!
LL - Thanks for the comment! R's advice is definitely good and that's pretty much the motto of Karma Yoga.

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