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Life According to Star Trek

By Lifeasarunningmom @RunningMom6
Life according to Star TrekPlease excuse me as I take a break from my normal fitness and life blogging to have a little fun! Okay, I am still bringing you into my life but just along a completely different avenue.
Last night dear hubby and I settled down to watch a Netflix film - Elysium to be exact. (Not the best Jodie Foster in my opinion but Matt Damon did well.) If you haven't heard about this movie, and trust me I tend to fall in that category for every film - old or new, it is a science fiction movie about Earth's future. It is the year 2154 and things on Earth have turned nasty due to overpopulation and not enough food. This leads to disease and the have's and the have not's are literally separated by space. Dear hubby commented it is a quite plausible future and yes, I see his point. But this post isn't about that. In fact, I am rewinding my life a bit and going back in time to when Star Trek was more central to my viewing entertainment.
Yes, this came up last night and I am not sure what in the movie triggered it, or what comment dear hubby made that triggered it, but I commented that our life has been predicted by Star Trek. Oh yes, the trigger - space habitats!
I have fond memories watching Star Trek. I saw episodes as a kiddo with my Dad. I watched the movies throughout my high school and college years. I even coaxed dear hubby to watch Star Trek: Into Darkness this past December when we were on O'ahu for the Honolulu Marathon. The hotel had free video rentals so why not? Okay, not my favorite Star Trek movie. I am more fond of William Shatner and Patrick Stewart but I digress.
You see, Star Trek showed it all. The living in space, life on Earth (which was still pleasant by the way), and technological advances that seemed oh so cool to a little girl and her technology loving Dad. Think tablets, smart phones, touch screens. You got it! That food supply issue that is of concern - what about those replicators that gave Captain Picard his cup of Earl Grey with just a simple voice request? Voila! Hot tea. And yes, they even had biorhythm devices that immediately fed essential data from the crew to the doctors. I mentioned this to dear hubby and pointed to the Polar Loop on my wrist. Not yet at the Star Trek level but a start, don't you think?
To add more fuel to the thinking pot I proposed two theories to dear hubby about Gene Roddenberry, the creator of Star Trek. Either he had a brilliant imagination beyond belief and was quite in tune with what was possible or he traveled back in time to save us from ourselves, introduced this technology, and got in big time for breaking the space-time continuum.
And since this post is really about movies, what films do you suggest I watch?
Daily Gratitude: I am thankful for the freedom of speech.
Daily Affirmation: My creative, open mind allows me to explore so many crazy possibilities in life!

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