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Letting Go

By Nadine
Teaching has become a fantastic lesson in letting go.
There are the moments where I feel like I’ve made a great connection with my students. There are the moments where I feel like I’ve made a difference in someone’s life. As a teacher, these are the moments I cherish.
But, previously, I would have tortured myself over the times that were less than stellar. Those times when I don’t respond the way I’d like to. Those times I missed an opportunity. Those times I could have asked a better question.
However, as I’ve sunk into my teaching I’ve realized that I don’t hang onto those moments. I recognize that I would do it differently next time. And then I let it go.
This is something that I’ve had so much trouble doing in the rest of my life yet I’ve been able to bring it into my teaching and that means so much to me. Now I want to practice the art of letting go in the rest of my life. Do my best, give my all, let it go.

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