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Let's Get Connected!

By Erika @iblushbeauty

Let's Get Connected!
Hi Lovelies! Just a quick post to let you guys know that I am trying/starting to be active on a few social media platforms and I'd LOVE to connect with you guys (whether you're a blogger or a blog visitor)!
I think this will be a great way to get your feedback about what you like about the blog, what you don't like about it, any requests, hints, tips - anything! All I ask is that you do keep any and all criticisms constructive - don't spread mean or rude comments because those won't necessarily make me feel bad, but it will make you look bad.  Remember, I highly encourage your opinions (positive or negative) but you can express them politely! So, let's stay "pretty" and keep it everything friendly!
You can click on the icons to the left (under "Search This Blog") or you can click the links below.
Instagram: follow me @missmooxbear
Twitter: follow and tweet me @iblushbeauty
Pinterest: follow me @missmooxbear
If you guys have any other social media platforms that you enjoy using, please let me know. I love finding new ways to connect with as many people as I can - we can all be one big happy virtual family! Can't wait to "hear" from you guys!
[PS] The Facebook account I currently have is strictly for personal use only, hence I didn't add it on here. I may or may not make one in the future for my blog, but as of now I can only really add family and friends that I personally know in  my day-to-day life (had to add that part because I consider all you Lovelies as my friends). Personally, I don't really mind adding you all, but I also have to respect and protect the privacy of my family and friends. I hope you all understand this =)
Let's Get Connected!

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