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Lemons And Lavender Eco Guide

By Matthewspuzzle @matthewspuzzle

I think Billee Sharp, the author of Lemons and Lavender, an eco guide to better homekeeping, and I must be kindred spirits. I love her attitude about living a good life. She really speaks to several issues I have been struggling with in the recent past and offers tons of ideas on how to live a fulfilled life.

Lemons and Lavender covers everything an eco guide should such as approaching your finances with an eye to being frugal for the sake of the planet and yourself. She urges you to consider your health and how to keep yourself in peak performance, she asks you to look at your belonging differently so that we don’t just keep throwing things away. She offers tips to keeping your house eco friendly, clean and in good repair. She even tells you how to grow your own veggies and gives you recipes to make basics at home instead of purchasing them outside the home and producing more waste.

I started highlighting ideas and passages from the book almost immediately. Some of the ideas are basic, but often we just need a reminder or a little nudge to do them. Like making an inventory of our pantry or participating in meatless Mondays. I love her thoughts on keeping yourself healthy, using basic but effective products, and she even offers recipes for a Detox Bath, Scrumptious Skin Scrub and a Sea Salt Bath. Her section on Kitchen Cabinet Cures is thoroughly covered in my orange highlighter. I was particularly interested in her Herbal Tea remedies and Essential Oils for Health. I actually just mixed up an essential oil rub for my father to try on his arthritis! I keep them handy since I make my own perfume. Since I have a lavender plant outside, and the weather is starting to turn colder, I plan on using her advice and making a lavender tincture. Who knew? Right.

Lemons and Lavender has pushed me to look at things differently, once again. I strive to have that good life she talks about. Obviously no one can implement every single idea offered in Lemons and Lavender immediately and all at once, but by making small changes until they become habits, we can all make a big difference.

Lemons and Lavender was provided to me free of charge. All opinions are my own.

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