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By Greggers254 @LeeGregory254
I never thought to do a post on my new business, but a friend of mine gave me a push as he thought it would be good! So here's a quick one....
My background is in Cricket, where I played for Bentley CC, Chelmsford CC, District levels and for Essex CCC. I climbed the ranks through hard work and dedication, representing the age group levels at Essex, the Essex academy team, the 2nd team and 12th man for the first team on numerous occasions. The training, both cricket and gym was tough, and I felt comfortable with the level of training as I loved it. Also, nutrition played a huge part, and after getting my own nutritionist I really felt a change in my game.
Unfortunately, I had to leave cricket due to personal reasons. I took a while to get going with my life again, but I turned to the fitness industry. I am currently working as a fully qualified nutritionist, where I work with athletes, people that want to lose weight and people who want to gain muscle. I have been doing nutrition plans for a couple of years now. I have gained many qualifications already, and more to come.
This year, I really wanted to take it to the next level. Previously I had a website that was a free to run, and was basic too. I got myself on Twitter last year which is awesome and has enabled me to network with other trainers/nutritionists worldwide. I knuckled down and put the business hat on. I done a lot of research into starting a business and pretty much just got going with it. I created my own brand name, had a professional logo designed, professional business cards, a professional website with my very own e-store where I sell my plans, I started a nutrition and fitness blog that has done really well and more. I am always learning, reading, watching things to do with nutrition and fitness. I have a few favorite trainers and nutritionists that I respect and listen to. I have big goals for the future and I am sure I will achieve them.
The nutrition plans I have on my site at the moment are - a personalised plan - which is tailored to your specific needs (sporting or other) and two 'general plans' - one for bulking up and one for slimming down - these are almost like guides that give you the necessary information you need, no rubbish chucked in, no beating around the bush, just the stuff you need!
Take a look around my website and see what you think. The plans are available worldwide and are at a bargain price!

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