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Leaving the Ashram

By Nadine
Today I'm leaving the Ashram. This will also be my last post until sometime in late April / early May. I will take a break from blogging while I'm in Vancouver and when I first get home. I'm really excited about doing some exploring in Vancouver and meeting up with the meditation group there.
Before I came I was asked by a friend whether I would go to other Ashrams for my spiritual retreats. At the time I said no, because last year I felt I'd found a spiritual home at Yasodhara Ashram and therefore I wanted to explore things deeper here.
However, I've known since shortly after I got here that this is no longer my home. Something in me has shifted and it doesn't fit as well as it did. This isn't a sad thing, it just is. It is still a great place for me to explore my spirituality and I'm very grateful for that opportunity.
But now the answer to my friend may have changed. I might check out other spiritual centres to see if I find somewhere that's a better fit for me. If not, that's okay since my real spiritual home is inside me and I can explore it anywhere.
I wish you all Peace, Love and Light on your own journeys. I'll be back soon.

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