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Laneige Global Beauty Camp Day 1: Shopping at Dongdaemun

By Beautifulbuns

So after the Aritaum shopping session, the check-in, attending the orientation and gala dinner where I got to meet Song Hye Gyo, and tested the new Water Sleeping Mask (all in one day after alighting from an overnight flight), you’d think that my battery pack had run low – nahhhhh. I’m in my second home Seoul – time is not to be wasted! Besides, Song Hye Gyo is waiting for me to go shopping. That’s right, you heard me. THE Song Hye Gyo.


Look, she’s already waiting for me.


Laneige Global Beauty Camp Day 1 DDM shopping 1

Hurhurhur. Lame much, I know. I was super happy to take this Song Hye Gyo Laneige bus to Dongdaemun for the final leg of our Day 1 activities – walking off the calories from the awesome gala dinner as well as working up a storm with the wallet and credit card.


Laneige Global Beauty Camp Day 1 DDM shopping 2

The bus dropped us off at Doota, but to be honest, I’d much prefer to shop in the other malls (just beside it) – HelloAPM and Migliore (which seems to be undergoing renovations or something cos it was closed). Good Morning City is also a little meh.

Laneige Global Beauty Camp Day 1 DDM shopping 4
Doota is full of local designers, which means a slightly higher price that my wallet didn’t quite agree on. Hence, I scooted away towards the left.


Laneige Global Beauty Camp Day 1 DDM shopping 5
Right beside Doota is Migliore (another multi-level shopping mall with a similar concept as HelloAPM), but it was closed, with only road-side stalls. Anyways, what’s that I see next to Migliore? Hello, HelloAPM!

Laneige Global Beauty Camp Day 1 DDM shopping 6

Most of the stores sell stuff that are seasonal, and seeing as I was there in Winter (meh), most of the clothes weren’t quite suited to the home island’s sunny and humid climate.

Laneige Global Beauty Camp Day 1 DDM shopping 7

I wish I’d taken more photos, but it was really tough navigating while holding on to a giant penguin coat (remember, it’s a freezing 0 / -2 degrees celsius outside).


Laneige Global Beauty Camp Day 1 DDM shopping 8

Of course, there are also stores that sell non-winter items – all you need is to browse more thoroughly (something I failed quite miserably at, as I was so so distracted by the multitude of items on sale). I’ve been there more than 10x, and each time, my eyes start glazing over after about 2 levels of shopping.

After our allocated 1-hour slot was over, Song Hye Gyo (the bus) came to pick us up and we trundled back to the hotel. I entered my room to find this…

… on my table. A love note from Laneige, along with another miniature version of the Water Sleeping Mask as well as (get this) fluffy sleeping socks! :D


Laneige Global Beauty Camp Day 1 DDM shopping 10
One last shot of the new friends I made today before I pass out for the night: The Water Sleeping Mask and Lip Sleeping Mask (of which I dutifully applied to the face before concussing). Psst: Day 2 will be even more haps (with a Kbeauty makeover and photoshoot!)- stay tuned for the next blog entry! xoxo


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