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Koo-Dohz Weight Loss Motivator Bracelet

By Slimshoppin @slimshoppin


A few weeks ago I saw a on Pinterest a product called Koo-Dohz and it said it was a motivator to help you stay on track while you lose weight. As a serial yo-yo dieter myself, I was intrigued and went to the website to check it out. The creator of Koo-Dohz, Kamara struggled with her weight for 30 years. She tried every diet in the book but couldn’t keep motivated, that’s how this bracelet was born.

How does it work?

The first step is to set your diet and weight loss goal, whether it be for weight loss or getting to the gym five days a week. Add the charms as you reach your gym goal or go the other way and load your bracelet with your desired weight loss and shed the charms as you reach that goal.

Want to lose 10 pounds of weight? Put the “5” charm and five “1” charms on your bracelet. Take off a charm for each pound you lose.

Put the bracelet on your wrist.

DO NOT REMOVE THE BRACELET! This is your motivational reminder to keep you focused on your weight loss goal.

Shed or add charms to your bracelet as you work toward your weight loss goal. Store any extra charms in your koo-dohz pouch.

If your diet and weight loss goal is more than 10 pounds, remember baby steps are best and reload your charms after you have rewarded yourself along the way.

But the bracelet doesn’t have to be just for weight loss, click HERE to see other uses for it.

One of the reasons why the name Koo-Dohz stood out to me is because my twin sister and I have running joke about Kudos. We have a pretend kudos file where when either we do something good at work, or someone likes one of our recipes, we tell each other about it and say we’ll file it in our kudos file!


I contacted the owner, Kamara and asked her if she would give my sister and I each a bracelet and we would spend the next 30 days getting closer to our goals using the bracelet. Each day we are going to have a list of koo-dohz we’ve done to keep us on the right track. We will weigh and measure ourselves today and in 30 days report our progress.

Thanks Kamara for the opportunity and we are happy to help promote your great product!


If you would like to order one and get started too, here is the link to that .

Do you think having a visual daily reminder like a bracelet help you make better choices?

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