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Kollam Attractions

By Vishnudas
Kollam Attractions Have you been to Kollam may be not much known to the world and less mention
in most of the tour packages but I assure you it’s a pretty little good place you can always rely on if you wish to spend some time alone with nature totally away from the hectic and hustle bustle noisy city life. 

I have been here last weekend holiday and I really love the simplicity and clarity of the place. Thought the place and its attraction are hidden from tourist, there are lots and numerous attraction sites where you can freely roam around and pour out all your inner childishness and enthusiasm here and enjoy being pampered by the Mother Nature herself. 

Let me first give you the gist information that I have gone through before my trip and would like you also to enjoy the same gratifying and delighting tour and more by giving you the right entry and the right access to it and what are the attractions to see around. 

Kollam is actually is a district and a prominent trade and commercial city of Kerala and during the ancient trade era when the British colonize the country was anglicized as Quilon and can be easily reach from the capital city itself. From Thiruvananthapuram you can either take bus or rented taxi or Volvo a tourist bus to reach here, it’s only a distance of 17 km and takes only a few hours to it.

For places to visit there are numerous tourist attractions in Kollam to mention but here let me just highlight you the places that have stunned me and I still wish to go and relish them again.


The lighthouse of Quilon was built by the British in the year 1902 and stands till today perfectly with its amazing height of 144 feet and is an impressive tower. A view from the top point of this high tower is breathtaking you can capture almost the far off 13 miles sea spectacular view and is mind blowing to stand in the evening hour during the day dawn, the reflection created by sunset rays pouring down with reddish hue on the dark blue sea with clouds pure and white you can capture a snap and treasure them for life. 

This lighthouse is attach to the Thangassery beach and you can hold the advantage and enjoy beach fun too if you want I did strolling around the beach only still it delighted me a lot.


This is another unforgettable site where I really poured out my inner enthusiasm, I’m a nature lover of course I love being adventurous to explore historical sites, pilgrimage places but still in here I love the quite, simple country side because it is where my real inner enthusiasm lies and this place gave me immense of pleasure. The vast lake surrounding this ideal with background setting full of hills and lush green forest thrown through horizons the place is one of my favorite site. 

Likewise there are other Kollam attractions you can choose of your delight and take up trip, when you are reserve with only the popular and well known sites you might even miss out the other hidden treasure more sites so if you wish enjoy traveling away look for new sites and experience new things by and by with time during vacations and holidays and just enjoy your life.

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By Sam Williams
posted on 01 April at 11:21

Wow, interesting story looks like a great place to visit!