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Kerala Attractions

By Vishnudas
Kerala Attractions The southern part of India is known for the immense riches of culture, tradition, monuments and
natural beauty. Among the many places that make up southern India Kerala is a state that is most famed for its enigmatic beauty and exotic traditions. The state of Kerala is located towards the southwestern part of the country and is a coastal state. The state is mostly known for its enchanted backwaters however it is not the only thing that makes up for its exoticness. Many other things such as the colourful culture, deeply rooted traditions, elaborate temples, cool lush green hills, pristine beaches, vast lakes, wildlife parks, ancient caves, cascading waterfalls etc make up the beautiful state. 

With an abundance of natural beauty and ancient traditions displayed in almost all parts of the state this place is a one stop destination for any kind of holiday. Some of the must see Kerala tourist attractions would be:-


The emerald backwaters that wind through this state is what most people visit it for. This is the only place in India that has such extensive backwaters. The beauty and charm of these backwaters appealed to Lord Curzon so much that he named the place “Venice of the East”. The house boat rides and a stay in it for a night or two is the best possible way to enjoy the enchanting backwaters of Kerala. Some of the most famed backwater destinations of the state are Kumarakom, Cochin, Alleppey, and Thiruvananthapuram etc. 


As the state shares its border with the great Arabian Sea the number of beaches here are many. The long sandy beaches with groves of coconut trees, cliffs and slender palm trees are great to visit. During sunsets the sun slowly immerses itself into the Arabian Sea colouring the watery horizon in shades of yellow, orange and crimson as it gradually disappears from view is a great one. A visit to the beaches of Kerala is filled with fun, sun and beauty. Some of the most well known beaches of the state are Varkala beach, lighthouse beach, Kovalam beach, Samudra beach, Fort Kochi beach etc.

Hill stations
One may be surprised to see so many hill stations in a state that is at such a close proximity to the equator. There are a number of hill stations here and each one has its own charm that will allure you towards it. The hill stations of this state are the best getaway places to escape the scorching sun that burns in the southern part of the country. 

The cool climate of the hill stations along with its green beauty draws scores of tourists to it every year. Most of the hill stations also have tea plantations which further beautifies the place. Some of best known hill stations of the state are Munnar, Vagamon, Wayanad, Rajamalai, Devikulam, Idukki, Ponmudi etc. 

Religion, tradition and culture have always been an integral part of the state since time immemorial. This prominent feature of the state can be well seen in the elaborate and numerous temples of the state. Scores of devotees visit the temples almost everyday and can be seen worshipping devoutly to the Gods that have blessed the state with beauty in many forms. Some of the holiest temples that are in the state are Madavoorpaara Cave Temple, Pazhaya Sreekanteswaram Temple, Edakkulam Bhagawati Temple, Peroor Sreekrishna Swami Temple, and Sree Maha Ganapathi Temple etc. 
Apart from these many other places are there that altogether make up the tourist attractions in Kerala such as waterfalls, national parks, churches, lakes etc. So do visit this exotic state in the southwestern part of India and take away memories as enigmatic as the place itself. 

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