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Kenin & Lauren’s Weight Loss Update – Double Teaming Our Stats

By Kenin Bassart @Constantramble

Now that we’ve made it through the first 30 days of the 90-day challenge we’ve decided to make a bit of a change to our posting format. From now on we’re going to do only one post a week, sharing our weight loss results together, so we can spend more time focusing on other components of our overall weight loss and lifestyle change. So without further ado, here’s our new and improved Week 5 Weight Loss Update.

Lauren’s Week 5 – Feeling Healthy and Full of Energy.

Getting on this 90 Day Challenge was difficult for me. I have been trying many different things to lose weight over the last 10 years, and i’m not going to lie, my eating habits weren’t great (but the weren’t atrocious either). Since starting this Challenge, I am down 11 pounds and have changed my eating habits to be quite healthy. We cook at home much more often and the thought of a protein filled salad for dinner doesn’t send me running for the hills anymore. We still go out occasionally and eat things we probably shouldn’t, but overall my diet has become something I can be proud of, lots of fruits, veggies, and lean protein.

I am also exercising on a regular basis. Most people think that Kenin and I stayed unhealthy and overweight because of lack of exercise. This is far from the truth. We have always been a very active couple. We walked, hiked, swam, and Ken used to run 4 miles a day. I used to do laps in my pool a few times a week. Still, we kept the weight on.

It seems that after starting this Challenge together though, we started to challenge each other. We both set weight loss goals, and we keep each other in check. We work out together and push (guilt) each other to going a little further every day. We make healthy eating decisions together and sometimes we even cheat a little together. When I fall of the weight loss wagon, he gets me up early the next morning for a workout and vice versa. I am truly enjoying this new road we are on together and the support and love from our friends and family has been amazingly motivating, so thanks! Keep on following and lending your support on our road to fit.


Kenin’s Week 5 – Stranded in The Middle of Lake Plateau

So I’m at that point in my weight loss journey that everyone hits and where many dieters call it quits! I’m feeling pretty frustrated this morning by my results. Why? Because I’ve been at the same freakin’ weight for 2 weeks that’s why!!  I thought I hit a plateau in week 2, but it turns out that it was nothing compared to what I’ve been experiencing  these past coupe of weeks. My weight has been fluctuating from a high of 284 to a low of 280.5 (why won’t you just get to 279?!?!?!) over the course of week 4 and week 5. It’s been pretty freakin’ annoying, and I must admit there have been some moments where I just want to channel my inner Eric Cartman and just say:

Weight Loss Update

Thankfully I haven’t done that yet. It’s moments like these I’m really happy that I’m part of a weight loss challenge and weight loss team. Why? All the support I get. I was talking to a few other challengers (mostly Lauren) and what I realized is that I’m not alone in this, and together we’ll break this plateau. On top of that, I’ve realized I’m in the toughest part of any journey, the middle. It’s like I jumped on raft to cross this really wide lake. I started rowing out and the first week or two I could see the 300 lb shore behind me but now I’m in the middle of the lake and I don’t remember the 300lb me, but the 250lb me is still so far ahead I can’t see that shore either.  If I were alone in this raft, I might do something silly and capsize the whole thing. But I look around and there’s Lauren right behind me encouraging me and behind her is the rest of my 90-Challenge team. So what I am going to do? Keep rowing! I know my body is changing every day:  my muscles are growing, I’m stronger, I have enough endurance to run 3 miles without stopping again, and my pants are starting to fall off of me.  SoI’m going to tell this plateau to go screw itself, and keep on moving down this long winding path on the road to fit!

Week 5 Weight Loss Update Progress Report

Weight at Beginning of 90-Day Challenge – 185 lbs / 300.5 lbs

Weight as of this writing – 173.9 / 283.0

Total loss =  11lbs / 17.2

Exercise – 5 Days of HIIT Training, 1 Day 30 minutes Jogging, 1 Day of Rest


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