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June & July 2018 Training Report

By Lifeasarunningmom @RunningMom6
June & July 2018 Training ReportThe year is more than halfway over and I am not totally stoked with my progress with my 2018 goals - to run 1,170 miles (and break 10,000 streak miles) and to log 70 new cross training workouts.

Since I kinda flopped on putting together my June 2018 Training Report, I am going to wrap up the past two months. But I do need to step back a moment and tell you, this year has been incredibly hard. Thanks be to God, it is not due to depression, anxiety, or PTSD/PASS. As I reflect back now I am thankful for those challenges I faced as they are helping me stay focused on what is truly important.

I lost two beautiful men to cancer this year. Ironically, they both had the same form on brain cancer. One died on my daughter's 10th birthday and the other, my brother in law, just recently on July 7th. But our God is an amazing God and I was able to get to Texas and darling daughter and I got time to spend with my brother in law, my sister, their children, and just be present in this hard time. God also has a sense of humor and likes to test me I think because the following day I received a call from my hubby, who was holding down the fort on Maui, that his car was stolen. 

There was a time this news would have caused me great anxiety and the need to fix it all. To be in control. And this is where I feel my mental health battles prepped me. I just tossed my arms in the air and said, "God, handle this for me." And He did. On His own timing.

And I am going to bring that same perspective into my training report for June and July. I have my goals. My ideas. My plans. But I am going to toss my hands up in the air and praise God for what I have accomplished versus fretting over what I have not.

In June I exercised 36 hours, ran 162 miles, and did 2 new cross training workouts.

In July I exercised 31 hours, ran 153 miles, and did no new cross training workouts unless you want to count swimming laps and maybe I should. After all, that is cross training and I did do a lot of laps (at least a lot for me!).

That brings me to 861 miles for the year and 9,691 streak miles. I only have to log 309 miles to reach my running goals. I am so ahead of the bar on this one!
For my cross training goal, I am at 24 new workouts. EEK! There is a long way from 24 to 70 but what I am going to celebrate now is this....I am still cross training on a regular basis and working out an average of an hour a day. I think that matters most. Those are impacting my health and maybe that is another reason why I am handling things emotionally better right now. I am giving myself the move it and workout time I have found yields optimal benefits. Granted, it is not evenly spaced and I do feel it mentally when I have a string of low workout minute days lined up in a row.
Am I going to give up on my new workout goal? No. I will still look into finding new ones that intrigue me but have been doing ones I can listen to through my phone and know pretty well so darling daughter can do her thing on the TV. I might stake my claim here and there but ask myself, is it more important to do a new workout or workout? I say, workout, especially since those on my phone that I can easily stream are ones that make me the happiest and truly work my body hard. Gotta love that!
The end of July is also bringing other changes into my world. I have opted to home school darling daughter in her religious education and got a couple of core study books to research the curriculum and process available through Catholic Heritage Curricula. I got to say, I am already impressed and we haven't got too far in it. Her week 1 spelling words introduced her to two new vocabulary words that even stumped some friends at the stables. That I like! We even picked up a lesson plan for sewing!!!! But I will get more into that another day in another post.
Until then, be happy and take care of yourself. Run with the wind and cross train yourself strong. I believe in you!
God bless!
Daily Gratitude: I am thankful that I was able to spend so much time with my brother in law before he died. He may not have been able to talk or move but we did make eye contact and I truly believe he heard all I said and understood. Please pray for the repose of the soul of CJ and his family.
Daily Bible Verse: He will wipe away every tear from their eyes, and death shall be no more, neither shall there be mourning, nor crying, nor pain anymore, for the former things have passed away. ~ Revelation 21:4

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