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June Bliss – Books, Blogs, & Burgers!

By Hblack79

Happy Wednesday, friends!

Today we’re linking up our Bliss posts, but before we get to that let’s talk about BREAKFAST & my WORKOUT this morning.  I chose to do a 30 minute walk this morning since my legs are so sore from the HIIT class I took last night!  Man, that class wears me out – think about squat after squat after squat or lunge after lunge after lunge….. ouch!  I came home this morning and had a glass of chocolate milk, a banana, & a boiled egg & vegetarian bacon english muffin!  Now I’m off to get ready for work, but check out what’s been bringing me Bliss this month!

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{1} Never Eat Alone

I recently became a “Blogging for Books” Affiliate and now receive free books to review.  You’ll get a full review once I complete this book, but I have LOVED it so far.  Sure, I’m only on Chapter 2, but I already know I’m going to learn a ton!  It’s a business book and talks about networking & relationships.  Stay tuned for my review in a couple weeks!


{2} Jack LaLanne Juicer

I was super excited when I found this beauty at Dirt Cheap for a mere $26!!! I’ve used it a handful of times now and still can’t believe I’m lucky enough to have found it!  If you’ve thought about juicing, I would recommend a Jack Lalanne Juicer, but hopefully you can score a great deal like I did!


{3} Blender Bottle

Not only has this shaker been great for my juices, but it’s been an excellent way to keep up with my water consumption at work.  I’ve had a problem getting plenty of water throughout the day, so I’m working on drinking one blender bottle by 12:30 and another by 4:30 so I at least get about 50 ounces of water during the day.


I like to dedicate a portion of my #BloggerBliss to new bloggers I’ve been able to find throughout the month!  It helps keep me engaged with bloggers and constantly finding new blogs to support and hopefully new friendships down the road!  I’ve been transitioning my blog into a more health conscious blog so I can encourage myself to eat better and workout more, but also encourage others.  This month I found some really great Healthy Living blogs & posts to share!

{1} Char Eats Greens

This girl became a vegetarian and then quickly became a vegan!  I love finding other bloggers like me!  She’s also a runner & loves Starbucks – clearly we’re meant to be friends!  And if you’re thinking that going vegan means you have to cut out all the good stuff – then you should seriously check out her recipe for Triple Threat Vegan Gluten-Free Brownies because oh em gee… I’m giving that a try for sure!

{2} Sweet Miles: A running & lifestyle blog

I love the clean feel to this blog.  You get there and instantly feel refreshed!  She’s another runner, but I love drawing inspiration and encouragement from other bloggers who run.  When I read about their runs, it helps me envision my own run and gets me motivated.   She’s not all about running though – her goal is a healthy lifestyle.  She created this amazing post for 7 Ways to Maintain a Healthy & Active Marriage and although I’m not married, I could re-title it 7 Ways to Maintain a Healthy & Active Relationship because I think that’s just as important and I felt like most of these could be applied to mine and Nick’s relationship – with the exception of some things due to our long-distant relationship!

{3} Bagels to Broccoli

Another blog that’s clean and refreshing to stumble upon!  Jen isn’t a vegetarian (as far as I can tell), but she works to incorporate more veggies and a healthy lifestyle.  In fact, she recently completed her very FIRST half-marathon! {You can read about that here}

It has been such a treat stumbling onto these ladies blogs and I hope you’ll enjoy them too!


I, of course, enjoy recapping some special moments from the month and the biggest one that sticks out to me is finally switching my blog over from From Here to There to No Bologna!  I’d been wanting to make a change for so long and I feel like a dream has finally come alive!! It’s still a work in progress, but I love what this space is becoming and how it’s encapsulating my love for health, veggies, & fitness!

I forgot to mention that Nick and I tried out Majestic Burger!  I’m not sure if it’s a local place or if there are chain restaurants floating around, but I went with their veggie burger and it was great!  Plus those onion rings… I could make a meal out of any kind of fried side dish… onion rings, pickles, zucchini, okra… you name it!


Lastly… National Donut Day…. Enough Said!


  • What’s bringing you Bliss this month?
  • What bloggers should I be reading? Any fun/informative posts you’ve come across lately?

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June Bliss – Books, Blogs, & Burgers!

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