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It’s Been a While Since We’ve Talked About Search Terms.

By Anytimeyoga @anytimeyoga

Because it’s fun to see what brings people here.

dildo organic — Huh. I have probably made reference to organic foods. I may have made passing reference to dildos. But I do not recall every having made reference to an organic dildo. Given that I expect a great majority of dildos come from not-previously-living material, I imagine that only wood dildos could even be certified organic, no?

uttanasana too difficult — Without knowing specifically why it’s too difficult, I’m going to guess that at least a certain number of searchers are having difficulty due to tightness in the hamstrings or low back (common problems with forward fold). In those cases, common modifications include bending the knees (yes, a lot if necessary; yes, even more if necessary) and possibly using blocks (on whichever height works best) to rest the fingertips on. If it’s a belly issue, it’s sometimes possible to tuck belly flesh up or down so that it’s not interfering with the forward fold. If it’s a boob issue… I don’t even know.

can i read the immortals without having read song of the lioness — Yes. Certain characters and events will have fuller meaning if you’ve also read the Alanna books, but the Immortals series stands on its own.

lentil stuffed acorn squash — Here you go. Also, if anyone feels like experimenting with how to make this in a slow cooker or on a grill, I’d love to hear about it. I’m trying not to use my oven again until about November.

how to induce a fart — Really? Are that many people combing Google because they suffer from a disturbing lack of flatulence?

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