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It's a New Week

By Lifeasarunningmom @RunningMom6
Happy Monday! I hope you all had a fantastic week last week. Mine was crazy busy and my running didn't suffer as much as it usually does this time of year. Yes, I didn't run according to plan but I did run well. I also achieved my side goal of hitting my February 2012 miles by the end of day yesterday. Yippee!
Here is what I did run:
It's a New WeekA low mileage week. Lower than what my average weekly mileage should be to achieve 2,013 miles in 2013 but I have plenty of time to have higher mileage weeks to make up for my slow start this year. January was perfect. February is always a struggle. And here's why.

It's a New Week

Love the fanny pack?

It is crazy, crazy, crazy at work. It seems odd to say when work gets crazier and more stressful I run less since running helps keep me grounded. But it is the truth. Mainly because of two reasons - I tend to start needing more sleep and I tend to cut more runs short to get to work earlier or stay longer or just because I want to spend more time with my family. And February is darling daughter's birthday. It is also my month that in years past we would celebrate my Dad's birthday. A lot of emotions going on in a mere 28 days.
Fortunately, the work stress will ease up in some regards since we pulled off a wonderful large event just this past Saturday. In exchange for a ride from a dear friend and co-worker I make breakfast. So on Saturday I got up super early to run and shower before making breakfast and being picked up at 4:50 am.
It's a New Week
For breakfast I made sourdough egg sandwiches. YUM! I must confess, I made up the recipe that morning. For these 3 sandwiches, I used 5 eggs, 8 grape tomatoes (all I had), a large handful of spinach, 4 Laughing Cow cheese wedges, and salt to pepper to taste. I sauteed the tomatoes a bit and pulled them aside. I then scrambled the eggs until almost done and added the tomatoes, spinach, and cheese. The bread was toasting in the meantime. I then put the scrambled egg on the bread and cut each sandwich in half. We devoured our sandwiches on the way to work.
I bought a new little flashlight to help me in the dark direct crafters to their booth locations and the flashlight was flaking by sunrise. I have never been so happy to see the sun come up! But within 2 hours the barren field looked beautiful and I already have ideas for next year. It was a wonderful day in terms of weather and my crafters were all rock stars!
It's a New Week
I would love to say the day ended there but it didn't. It was hours and hours more taking care of issues, talking memberships, helping in random ways, and then clean-up but I am impressed by how our small team of staff and TONS of amazing volunteers from all over the world can achieve so much. Tiring but good. And dear hubby even volunteered some of his time!
I was feeling the pain yesterday. My body ached but darling daughter got me up at the crack of dawn, which was hard since I was up much later than usual. My head was pounding more due to another outbreak of my rash (stress-induced) and my morning run "cured" it in some degree. The headache, not the rash. But the head started pounding later and I broke down and took something for it. Just once. Then eventually I called it a night and took my aching head and body and put them both in bed.
Today it is raining and it was all night. Cats and dogs at times. So I am thinking staying at home, starting some lentil soup, and running in place is in order. After all, dear hubby and darling daughter convinced me to run outside to get my final 2 miles yesterday when I saw I needed them to achieve my goal.
Daily Gratitude: I am thankful for volunteers.Daily Affirmation: I am confident, cheerful, and enthusiastic!

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