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It Is What It Is

By Nadine
I love this post from The Joy of Yoga: How I am not really all that needed
I'm sure all of us Yoga teachers would love to be in top form every day. But some days we just aren't. And it's great to see this shining example of how well our students do with little instruction.
I know that there are days where I give more detailed instruction and information on each pose. And there are days where what I say is simpler. Both are good, in different ways.
I'm a strong believer in what is meant to be will be. Therefore, I assume that me swaying back and forth between detail and simplicity is somehow what is meant to be in my teaching. I always thought it gave a balance between helping my students to get what they can out of their Yoga but also giving them some quiet to explore on their own.
But reading The Joy of Yoga's post made me realize that the quieter times also gives my students a chance to see how much they really know about the pose. That is when I get some questions about alignment. In the past I've occassionally felt guilty, thinking I should have said what the student was asking about. But, I think some times having to ask the question brings your attention to it in a way that just being given instruction doesn't.
I know I certainly enjoy both styles when I'm in a Yoga class.

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