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Is the Afro' Still Considered a Radical Hair Style Choice?

By Rockitnapptural @Rockitnapptural

Is the Afro' still Considered a Radical Hair Style Choice?
"Our hair is a repository for history, hysteria, passion and progress," said Michaela Angela Davis, editorial brand manager for BET and image activist.

Throughout history, the Afro' has been seen as a hairstyle that makes a statement, primarily a political statement.  As times change, so does certain aspects of our culture such as fashion and of course hair styles.
You can find hundreds of YouTube videos of both women and men demonstrating that natural hair goes beyond the basic Afro' and as a result, more people have become curious about natural hair and have transitioned back to their natural textures. Natural hair is becoming widely accepted in society and not necessarily looked upon as a "rebellious", "militant" or "extreme" hair style. Does this stand the same for the Afro' as well?
In the video below by Huffington Post, a discussion is taking place about black hair, more specifically the Afro'. Law professor Jody Armour, who teaches at the University of Southern California rockin' a full-on Afro', stated that he overheard his students saying that it was ironic that he was, 'teaching Criminal law when he looked like a criminal himself'.
What do you think? Has the perception of Natural hair and the Afro' changed over time?

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