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Is Meat Murder?

Posted on the 31 January 2012 by Tempestra @tempestra1

The big news in our house this week is that my eldest daughter has decided to become a vegetarian.  We were all a bit taken aback by this sudden change of heart because she’s always been fond of her Sunday roasts and Maccy Ds.  But she’s had some kind of epiphany and now refuses to “eat dead animals”.  In fact, she’s gone so far as to chuck out her leather shoes, too.

Is Meat Murder?

I must confess, my first thoughts were that this was just another teenage fad – a phase that will pass. But she seems to be taking it all very seriously.  She’s even shown us some horrific video clips off the internet about how certain meat products are produced – they were almost enough to put me off my bacon sarnies.  Almost.

I will of course support her in her quest.  My main concern is that she gets enough nutrition from her veggie diet and stays healthy.  I personally don’t see how she’ll get quite the same level of goodness from a nut roast as a juicy steak, although veggie foods are likely to be lower in fat and cholesterol, I suppose.

We’re going to do our best to help and will try and cook more vegetarian dinners from now on.  However, I don’t think anything tastes as good without meat.  It’s all part of the natural food chain as far as I’m concerned.  Each to their own and all that – but I really can’t see me giving up the bacon sarnies anytime soon…

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