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Can Men and Women Ever Be “just Good Friends”?

By Tempestra @tempestra1

It’s an age-old question, and one which often intrigues me.  Can a man and a woman ever have a close, platonic, enduring relationship, without sexual attraction getting in the way?

Can men and women ever be “just good friends”?
I expect most of us watched the infamous “When Harry Met Sally” – where Meg Ryan’s character set out to prove that “just good friends” was entirely possible….only for her and Billy Crystal to end up falling for each other.

Well now a Guardian survey has just come out, revealing that 83% of people think platonic relationships are definitely do-able.  I tend to agree.  I don’t see why sex has to get in the way of friendships?  I guess it does depend, however, on whether there is any kind of physical attraction, or ‘spark’, to start with.  I can imagine that in some cases, friendships between opposite sexes are formed because one or both is secretly harbouring an attraction – and hoping that the friendship turns into something more?  I’ll admit I did my fair share of that back in college (and usually with disastrous consequences!)

Personally, I love having female friends now, just as I enjoy the company of people from different backgrounds and with opposing views to mine.  I certainly don’t choose women friends because I fancy them (not any more, at least).  As long as both parties enter into a friendship with completely platonic intentions, why should gender and sex be an issue?


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