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Introducing Kat Mummy

By Kittyfairy @KittyFairy
On Thursday, I was honoured to feature in Just Nice Things' 20 Questions, within which I mentioned my Mum. Of course, I made the slight *cough* mistake of telling her about the piece, and so she decided to get "justice" as she put it, by commenting on the post (seriously, you don't need to check out what she said, at all!!)
As a result, Katie from Lady from a Tramp requested a guest post, from my mom with "childhood stories". I assured my mother that she did not have to do one, but the post that is coming up, is fortunately not that much about me, so I'm more than happy to share it.
Hence, I introduce my Mum, also known as "Kat Mummy" (her words, not mine) here you go!
Well. It’s not every day that a little old lady gets invited to write a ‘piece.’ If that’s the correct terminology?
But what to write about.? Kathryn is the writer in the family. If I were to tell about the story she wrote and entered into a television competition, would I be further embarrassed? 
Long before she was born, when the old Humber ferry was about to be retired, it was decided that a last round trip from New Holland to Hull be undertaken just for the sheer nostalgia of a disappearing part of our lives. Late in the afternoon, leaving the car at New Holland we boarded the ferry for the short trip, Standing room only, arriving at Hull the boat emptied so that we were able to find a prime seat for the return journey only to be told that the boat would not return until the following day.
One adult already tired having been up since 5am, one small child, cold, tired and hungry, one 6 month pregnant whale, no money, no outer clothing and stranded in a foreign country (Hull) washing at home on the line, no beds made up.
Credit card buys train tickets back home. Telephone call to Mother gets washing brought in and beds made up. Except she laughed so much that it got quite irritating.

Small amount of change from bottom of handbag buys chocolate.
First train home breaks down, gets going again but now going to miss connection. Guard rings ahead and second train waits for us. Bet it wouldn’t nowadays. Train doesn’t go to where we left the car and it’s now so late the buses have stopped running so have to get a taxi, telling the driver that although we had no money on us, we would pay him when we got home. Thankfully he was ok with that. 
When Kathryn heard the story, she wrote and told the BBC. She didn’t win the competition but they still put it on a special teletext page for the world to see.
And so, if anyone wants tickets for a return trip on the Humber ferry, I know where there are some!!

Hehe, this story never fails to make me laugh, and yep, I really did enter it into a competition. As if they didn't pick it as winner rude!
What do you guys think of having my Mum doing more regular posts (perhaps once a month)? What do you think she could blog about? Make up, or do you (like Katie) prefer the idea of hearing more stories from my childhood and beyond? Luckily, these stories don't "tend" to embarrass me haha :P Share your ideas, and I'll see if I can persuade her if people are interested ;)

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