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Interesting and Helpful Eye Makeup Tips

By Vicknesh @wellhealthblog
So you can profit from an expert's experience here are some eye makeup tips:1. Maintaining your mascaraIt is a common mistake to pump your mascara in order to get an even coat on the brush. Pumping it only gets the air in and makes it all dry. Try twisting it instead. Sometimes in winter time mascaras can get very thick in texture Try placing it in a glass of worm water for a few moments before using it.2. Eye linerDifferent eye pencils have different effect To make your eyes look more open and big try using with color pencil. To make your eyes more smoky and small use black. If you have green eyes try experimenting with purple shads and colors They will enhance the green in your eyes. Don't be afraid to be adventures with colors such as turquoise or green or even gold They will enrich your look.3. Plucking eye browsBrow hairs do not grow back; plucking may cause some of the hairs to stop growing. If some of your eyebrows hair stopped growing you can fill in the gaps with a small brush and an eye shadow or an eyebrow pencil. You can find different stencils in the market that will help you determent the right shape for your brow.
4. Highlighting green eyesMost people think that in order to highlight green eyes you need to use green colors However this is a common mistake; try using contrasting Colors such as purple, red and orange. The contrast will emphasize the green color. If you want to make your eyes to look bluer try using dark blues and grays.5. Sophisticated look for brown eyesBrown eyes look great in light earth tons such as peach, golden brown, and bronze. The contrast provides a beautiful sophisticated look. Pick 2 shades of color from the same family, apply the brighter one on your eyelid and the darker one on your crease line and blend them together.Frame your eyes with stone brown mascara to enhance look Brown eyes look good in every color makeup, don't be afraid to experiment. Try using different shades of mascara to frame your eyes. Plum, navy blue and stone brown mascaras will add more depth to your brown eyes.6. Captivating look for blue eyes
Blue eyes look great in gray, purple, and pink and orange. Delicate purple line below the lower eyelashes will do wonders. In fact, a bright eye in dark makeup creates a Captivating look. To emphasize your blue eyes try using purple or charcoal mascaras. If you want your eyes to look a little gray try using navy blue, dark green or turquoise mascaras.By Ninet LadovInteresting and Helpful Eye Makeup Tips

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