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By Erika @iblushbeauty
Hello Lovelies!
I just wanted to give you all the heads up that the next several posts that I'll have up this weekend will be dedicated to products that I received in my Spring Vox Box from Influenster. 
These products were sent to me for free, but the reviews are not sponsored! I am not affiliated with any of these brands and as always, all reviews are 100% honest, unbiased, and purely based on my own experiences. 
Anyone willing to actively share their experience and opinions (both online and offline) are welcome to join - but remember that this website isn't about getting free samples! Influenster and the companies that supply the goodies are sending products to you in good faith that you will try it out and share your experiences about it. 
What's great about Influenster is that there's no pressure when reviewing products - if it's good, it's good; if it's bad, it's bad. 
There's a lot of things to say about what Influenster is and how it works, but rather than me giving a super long explanation, everything you need to know is on their FAQ page. If you are someone who loves to try new to things and tell everyone else about it, then I highly recommend that you check out their FAQ page and see if this program/website is for you! 
And just for future references, if you see the badge below anywhere in the post, it means that I received the product from Influenster. 

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