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Inexpensive Favorites

By Kwilliford @ExquisiteEczema
It is no secret that I prefer high end cosmetics over drug store simply because they work a lot better for me. That being said, I do need products that save me money but still work well. So this is a list of some of my favorite inexpensive products.
1.) Nivea Cream: My favorite body moisturizer. Skin is silky smooth and the cream absorbs quickly. You can get a small tin for $0.99 or a 6.8 oz tub for $5 or $6. I also really like Curel Itch Defense Lotion, which is a perfect moisturizer for eczema. It combats itch but still makes skin soft. A huge 20 oz bottle is about $9.00.
2.) Foundation. While I still love my Lancome Teint Miracle, I do have another favorite. Revlon ColorStay Foundation. I can say that this is the only drug store brand product that I actually do love. It has great coverage, works for oily skin and stays on.
3.) Primer. Loreal Magic Perfecting Base. I can really tell no difference in this primer and Smashbox. If anything, Loreal works better for me. It smooths my skin and does seem to make a slight difference in how long my makeup lasts. And it doesn't make my skin feel oily.
4.) Facial Scrub. St. Ives Blemish and Blackhead Control Apricot Scrub. It is almost impossible to find anything better than this. It is gentle enough for regular use (I use it every other day) but effective. I found a 6 oz tub at Wal-Mart for about $6.00 that will last for a very long time. I have been using it for a couple of weeks and it barely looks touched.
5.) Lip Balm. I would classify myself as a lip balm addict, and I am pretty picky. My favorite is Burt's Bees Lip Balm and Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer. Their classic balm is just a great, moisturizing basic balm and the shiimmers are perfect when you want a little bit of color. Both have peppermint oil, which makes them feel very refreshing. I also love a lot of C.O. Bigelows lip products from Bath and Body Works, especially the Rose Salve and Mentha Lip Shine. I actually wore the Mentha Supreme lip shine and was very impressed. Plus a lot of times, his products are on sale or their is a coupon. I believe there is a by 2 get one free deal for the glosses right now. I did notice that they have gone up in price to $8.00 and when I first found them, I think they were $6.50. So that part is a little sad, but they are really good. Nivea lip balm is also really good, but not my favorite. But their Shimmer balm is really pretty =)
6.) Face Masks. I have used pricey masks in the past, such as Murad's Clarifying mask but there are a few cheap ones that I really like. For example, Queen Helene's Mint Julep Masque and Mud Pack Masque. The Mud Pack is my favorite because it draws out impurities but leaves my skin smooth. It also has Kaolin Clay so it is good for oily skin. The Freeman Masks are also great, and you can find them in small packs for just over $1 at drug stores and Wal-Mart.
7.) Makeup Remover for two reasons: 1.) My family and I have accumulated so many Lancome gifts and sets over the last few months(all of their gifts have Bifacil Remover) that I never need to buy it again and 2.) Ponds makes a great makeup remover for face and eyes. Ponds Cold Cream seems to make makeup melt right off. I have used it on my eyes, and love it; no burning, makeup wipes right off and my skin feels really soft.

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