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I’m Tired. I’ll Check out My Search Terms Instead of Writing for Real.

By Anytimeyoga @anytimeyoga

In fairness to myself, I have written a lot in this past couple of days — keeping in mind that there’s a time delay between when I write something and when it’s scheduled. It’s a good way of amusing myself to avoid burnout.

low creativity — Well, yes. That is why I am doing this at the moment.

i’m tired of being a teacher — If you truly no longer enjoy teaching students, then perhaps it is time to consider a different career. It’s not good for teacher or students to be part of resentful learning. If what you’re tired of is all the extraneous bullshit that gets pressured onto teachers and teaching — Well, I think no one will judge you if you still decide it’s time to transition careers. But I think it’s shit when so many teachers get driven out of teaching for reasons that are not the actual teaching.

quad stretch — You know, I could use some good suggestions on this myself. The ones I know are either very gentle or very intense (hi and welcome to my tight quads); I don’t know of good in-betweenies.

svaly pánevního dna — I do not even know what this means… Okay, a few seconds later, I surmise this is a pelvic floor search in an Eastern European language.

everyday yoga grilled cheese — I think this sounds like a fabulous idea. Mine favorite is either plain Swiss or else cream cheese and arugula. What’s yours?

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