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I’m Falling Apart: Plantar Fasciitis Or How I Lost My Butt

By Matthewspuzzle @matthewspuzzle

broken egg


I think I am truly falling apart. A little while ago I told you about my back problems and showed you this horrible photo of myself and how my head and neck were protruding forward. Well, now we find out I have plantar fasciitis and no real core muscles, plus I LOST MY BUTT! What that means is that my glutes don’t really fire when I am standing or walking or doing pretty much anything. That allows my hips to flop all around which causes leg and back pain, not to mention the darn plantar fasciitis.

As I sit here typing this I have my left foot taped up like some pro-athlete. Which I most certainly am NOT. The plantar fasciitis is getting so bad that my physical therapist is making me wear shoes all day long. That includes some sort of support when I shower and I have to keep something next to my bed that offers some stability; no bunny slippers for me.

Then she has me doing all these fun exercises including pulling my belly button into my spine. Yeah, if I could do that we wouldn’t be in this predicament in the first place, now would we? I am definitely feeling my age lately. The upside to all of this is that my PT thinks she can fix all these problems, but I didn’t know I was so broken. I have lost over 12 pounds so far, so that has got to help and I am walking on a regular basis. My PT won’t let me run, because, well I can’t do that right either. Due to those floppy hips of mine I cross the mid-line with my feet when I run. Apparently that is a no-no in the PT world and the running is just exacerbating my hip problems. And to think, I was actually getting into it. I always said I hated running, then the first time I start to like it I have to quit. Story of my life.

So I’m falling apart. Hopefully someone can put me back together again, cause I don’t know too many King’s horses or King’s men. And anyway those guys didn’t do much for that Humpty fellow if I remember correctly.

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