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I Challenge You to Help Hungry Children by Losing 10 Lbs!

By Kenin Bassart @Constantramble

Yep, you read that right. What if I told you that you could lose weight and while doing so be part of an amazing project that distributed free meals to children. You’d probably think it was pretty unbelievable that a company would do such a thing. I know I did. Well as part of the ViSalus Project-10 Campaign I challenge you to lose 10 lbs and by doing so you’ll provide a hungry child with 30-days worth of meals.  That’s right, you lose 10lbs, hungry children get food, pretty win-win huh? Want to know more? Keep reading.

Project 10 Kids

ViSalus rolled out the Project-10 kids campaign as part of their ongoing efforts to help children in need. The way it works is pretty simple. All of us probably have 10-pounds that we want to lose, or 10 pounds of lean muscle that we would like to build. We also know that the secret to any successful body transformation lies in the first 10 pounds. Once you’ve lost 10-lbs using the ViSalus system, you’ll see how easy it is to keep losing weight. I know you’ve all see our results when we took the 90-day challenge, so losing those first 10lbs is definitely doable.

Kenin's 90-Day Challenge with VISalus Results

So how can you help hungry children while also helping yourself? All you have to do is accept my challenge to lose 10 lbs  with ViSalus and, once you reach your goal, 30 days of meals will be donated to a local food bank for distribution to local hungry children.  That means in just a couple of weeks you can be down 10-lbs and on your way to helping children. On top of that, by completing a project 10 challenge you will get a free t-shirt and also be entered to win a $1000 bonus!

Need to know more?? Check out this short video:

Lauren and I have decided that we want to challenge 100 people to lose 10-lbs on Project 10 kids. That means that when we are successful, we know we will have provided 3000 meals to hungry and at risk children.

So you’re probably wondering what you need to do at this point to join this great cause and help needy children right? All you need to do is leave us a comment on the blog below with the phrase Challenge Accepted and we’ll email you all the rest of the details.

Will YOU accept our challenge and get yourself on the road to fit??

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